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  1. ItzJazzMade

    Mafia - New Role

    You can create your own gang and do the same thing with your own recourses. This is never going to be a rank tho.. Roleplay is fun but teacher arch and police actually have a good purpose to be a job and not just roleplay
  2. ItzJazzMade

    [Arch App] caramelpopcorn's application

    Phew. Now we can become friends
  3. ItzJazzMade

    1.7 Bug Report

    Thats realy weird. @nibble About the 1.12 pvp I have 1.8 pvp in /warp wild but 1.12 in City?? I am really confused
  4. ItzJazzMade


    Almighty Admin! And I get to Quote his msg!
  5. ItzJazzMade

    [Arch App] caramelpopcorn's application

    You can do it! I just like salted popcorn more then caramelll but... yeah.... GL!!!!!!
  6. ItzJazzMade

    [Arch App] zombeekeeller's Arch App

    Ooeeh you won the build comp so you have a record. You can easily make discord just go to the site for real. You meed that to join arch so I suggest you get it :) Just always keep building and grow better hope you make it! (Get the dam discord!!!! xddd)
  7. ItzJazzMade


    I feel like we dont have to force children of 12 to see him. Soo nty hun.. just watch the movie
  8. ItzJazzMade

    Endy's Goodbye

    Like for free? Or do I need to pay for the oreo after the shoving down throating :D *TouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouch* Free Oreos!
  9. ItzJazzMade

    Court Case Against trump15024/Gabriel/mineyr15

    Lolz @LeanneTheUnicorn you were ozzy? This is soo confusing tbh. Funny old cases. Hahahaha No. :DDDDD
  10. ItzJazzMade


    You were a great arch! Gl on everything!
  11. ItzJazzMade

    Introduce of Starwick

    Welcome! Good luck to work for your first ban! After that the server is really fun! Im not kidding...
  12. ItzJazzMade

    Endy's Goodbye

    Wow... ehm thanks?
  13. ItzJazzMade

    Endy's Goodbye

    Ooh hey. The tp killing oreo! Now that @QueenMelone is single I can have my shot ;) Ooh bad humor. Bad Jazz :) But really you did many things for the server and really made it fun and ab00se for all!
  14. ItzJazzMade

    [Arch App] Architect Application

    JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ! you can do it. What does your name mean? Gl!
  15. ItzJazzMade

    A change?

    I can play this game too :d Lemme prepair myself hun <3 Back again sharing your positive and awesome life. For some reason that doesnt sound nice? How would that come? Xd rip Welcome back to the forums! :unisure:
  16. ItzJazzMade

    Cocaine on ah

    Or other priorety's or maybe as the plugin for drugs doesnt match the ah plugin. I mean its magical that sooo many plugins in this server work so well together.
  17. ItzJazzMade


    you are one of the people that can sell their souls to satan and satan will be like, it's empty. Welcome back?
  18. ItzJazzMade

    may be quitting

    true and false. The server does need old players who spend their money repairing the economy. (But not starting a discussion on that imma lose anyways) But most important the old players can teach the new generation of millionairs to grow and to help the newbie's to start their own company's or...
  19. ItzJazzMade

    1.7 PVP

    Yeah I too discovered I have 1.12 pvp too. Guess the plugin is out?
  20. ItzJazzMade

    Accepted DelicateBean Arch Application