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  1. Death_Inferno360

    My view (the only one that really matters in this conversation hehheheheh) its for STABBING...

    My view (the only one that really matters in this conversation hehheheheh) its for STABBING melons hehhehehe
  2. Death_Inferno360

    Mafia - New Role

    This is more of a self roleplay thing. I remember a gang called them self mafias, i destroyed their group before. Blackmailing isnt allowed for example like blackmail can consist with sharing irl info for properties or cash. Its too out of hand. You can make your own HQ, just build one on a plot...
  3. Death_Inferno360

    Just because of me :>

    Xd i said it in chat to report it and someone decided to go try it out and we died of the lagg.....
  4. Death_Inferno360

    Court Case Against trump15024/Gabriel/mineyr15

    Shes also requesting for a MVP++ lifetime subscription from hypickle LMAOOO
  5. Death_Inferno360

    Court Case Against trump15024/Gabriel/mineyr15

  6. Death_Inferno360

    Endy's Goodbye

    This is so sad. Endy you were one of my best friends on this server. You helped me through so much times. And I promise to take good care of your island, its sad to see you go but It eventually will happen. Psst wheres marshmallowsmalk's shoutout xD ~Death
  7. Death_Inferno360


    NOOOOOO ;~; ;( ;( I know I barely knew you but when I got the chance to talk to you, you were reakky nice and kind. Yeah and I think its more important to place your goals and dreams first before a game. Wish you the best in life. ~Death
  8. Death_Inferno360

    Oh the knife was for stabbing melons not a gift

    Oh the knife was for stabbing melons not a gift
  9. Death_Inferno360

    [Arch App] Architect Application

    Go arius!!!!!!!!! I saw his build, The interior was really nice!!
  10. Death_Inferno360

    Cocaine on ah

    Ffs simple just change your view bobbing gui from auto to normal or small
  11. Death_Inferno360


  12. Death_Inferno360

    Happy Birthday Melcose!! *stab stab* -Your Favorite Melone Ab00ser

    Happy Birthday Melcose!! *stab stab* -Your Favorite Melone Ab00ser
  13. Death_Inferno360

    Denied irene_kitty’s teacher application

    But not all players do the Family rp, so some students font got parents and your nuts if u talk to real parents about an in game matter lmao
  14. Death_Inferno360

    Accepted DelicateBean Arch Application

    Bring back the legendary builds of DelicateBean. Proud of you ___!!!
  15. Death_Inferno360

    Accepted DelicateBean Arch Application

    Omg Bean for arch again!!!!
  16. Death_Inferno360


    The legendary comment of stan
  17. Death_Inferno360

    Transfer & Regioning Request

    Sorry but if any of the regions in the building are rented they cant overwrite and put a new build on it same goes for the new building. You cant region apartment rooms in city or cayman island, only on other islands such as bunny, runnerboro, star-city etc... So if you delete the regions in the...
  18. Death_Inferno360

    Accepted koekie_w's Arch App

    Yesssss koekie I can vouch for him, i requested tons of builds from him even the tiniest of plots go beyond their potential. I personally hire him for a lot of builds and it has been really great so far. Go koekie, good luck on arch.
  19. Death_Inferno360

    Resolved More broken sf machines

    Death_Inferno360 I lost: 4 Programmable Android Miner 8 Electric Ore Grinder 104 Inout Nodes Its in plot (thom164) coords: x 13259 y: 70 z: 10850 Its in the only private locked chest thats right in front when u tp to the coords. Nearly all my slimefun stuff die every single day, its starting...