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By Coban on Nov 16, 2017 at 1:17 PM
  1. Coban

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    You may have noticed that my activity was low in the past period and that was due to exams. Now that finals are over, I will have more time to put into the server. From now on I will try and keep you informed on future and implemented features on weekly basis.

    I lately promoted three new Helpers, @Arius @Hidden124 @Marie for the great potential I've seen in them, so congratulations once again to them, along with @LeanneTheUnicorn's promotion to MinisterS for her dedication and great work.

    With that being said, the first change for this week will be the staff team ranks. For players it will probably be nothing more than renaming, but it will help divide our roles and tasks.

    Newly placed staff hierarchy - Descending

    Senior Moderator
    Junior Admin

    In short, the T-MOD rank was renamed to Moderator with new duties (Keep in mind this is not considered a promotion)

    Current staff team after the update

    [Owners] Coban, Kiri, Stan
    [Junior Admin] Izzie
    [Senior Moderators] LeanneTheUnicorn, DarkMagicinY
    [Moderators] Sundae22, Graphic_elf
    [Helpers] Arius, Hidden124, Marie, PurpleTurkey

    In regards to Architect, from this moment forward I will be supervising over the team along with our admin @Izzie, with much more fun content to come with that.

    With that in mind, I will be reviving Senior Architect once again from the dead, but this time with new duties than before, such as hosting events and contests.
    And for that, I have decided to promote @DarkMagicinY to Senior Architect and Senior Moderator for the great resolve he has shown us in the past period, I am sure of his abilities. Congratulations.

    This sums up this week's update for staff. Full of hope this helps us to improve. All changes should take effect today midnight.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time! :)


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Nov 16, 2017.

    1. xXAtomic_SushiXx
      Congrats to the staff members who all got promoted! Good luck <3 :D
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    2. Magic_Terminator
      Are Helper Apps Open?
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    3. Rotten_Taco
      When will architect applications be open once again?
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    4. Coban
    5. ThatOneGuy4205
      Would be nice for applications to be open seeing as I didn't apparently get Helper last time
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      UMM i might of missed it but when is the application for staff available coban??? ty
    7. Fiirena
      YAY congrats everyone
      Hopefully school is the next step hehe
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