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    • Judge's ruling is absolute. You cannot deny to comply with the ruling. If you deny to comply, you will be temp-banned and be required to comply forcefully.
    • Cases are carried out in the comments of a posted case, if you are tagged please add a comment to defend yourself but if not, please refrain from commenting.
    • If you are looking to report someone for breaking a server rule please instead post under the reports section of the forum to ensure that appropriate action is taken.
    • Treat each comment in a case as if you are speaking to a judge because the judge will read your comments to make their ruling. Please be professional and polite and provide evidence to back your claims.
    • Cases will be left open for discussion for a minimum of several days before having the judge provide a ruling to provide time for both parties to comment and support their case.
    • You may open a court case only once per week (This prevents spamming of cases)
    • If you are not involved in a case, do not comment. Unnecessary comments from non-involved people will be deleted and the person given warning points for disregarding section rules.
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