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By nibble on Jan 5, 2017 at 6:38 PM
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    All previous guns have been removed and new guns were introduced (with more balancing). You are also now required to purchase ammo for the guns. Each guns will now be labelled with more simplicity like - shotgun, rifle, sniper, and so on. You are able to

    1. Purchase a gun from a police officer with a license (legal method). This will cost you more money, however, will not get you in trouble of any sort.

    2. Purchase a gun from a black market. It's cheaper, yet if you are found without a license, you'd be required to pay a hefty fee.

    You can also expect gun models/texturepack within upcoming days.


    If you see a build/region being sold for absurd price (like 0$ or 1,000$), instead of abusing and buying it, report it to our staff to get the region's price reevaluated. Doing so will net you 5% of the total reevaluation price of the house.
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