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By Coban on Oct 10, 2017 at 9:41 AM
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    Greetings Citizens,

    We have kept an eye on the gameplay and your suggestions to further improve the bosses of Halloween.
    I will now go into details of the Halloween event.

    Brief Explanation

    Every 1 hour all players are notified in public chat that the event has started. Those who wish to participate can type /halloween join and they will be teleported to the waiting area, and from there they can join in the arena.
    The objective is to defeat the boss and his minions by working together as a group.

    PVP and item loss are disabled in the arena, which means you can fight to your heart's content.


    By dealing damage to a boss, you are guaranteed to get 1 Candy. However, by dealing the most damage you will receive 2 Candies. [For anyone to receive candy, the boss must first be defeated and the player needs to be within the arena]


    Candies can be traded for various items, including ones that are exclusive only to this event.
    They can be traded at the Rewards stall next to the arena entrance.

    Rewards list
    • Spoopy Stick - 16 Candies -: [Shoots Fireballs]
    • Halloween Chestplate - 12 Candies -: [30% Armor, Fire Resistance 2]
    • Spooky Stick - 8 Candies -: [Shoots Snowballs (5~15 damage), Knockback 2]
    • Undead Horse Egg - 2 Candies -: [Spawns an Undead Horse]
    • Skeleton Horse Egg - 2 Candies -: [Spawns a Skeleton Horse]
    • Halloween Recharger - 1 Candy -: [Recharges your Halloween items]


    Tier 1 - Undead Horse

    - Health: 2000
    - Damage: 10
    - Is capable of dealing AOE damage and rushes the targeted player at high speed.

    Tier 2 - Wither Skeleton

    - Health: 2000
    - Damage: 12
    - Deals constant AOE damage and rushes the players just as the Undead Horse, however it creates an explosion around it when it dies, dealing +50 damage to those around.

    Tier 3 - Iron Golem

    - Health: 2000
    - Damage: 17
    - Has enhanced combat abilities, such as longer reach, higher damage, jump and so on.

    Keep in mind you need to be in the arena to receive any Candy!

    Bosses Changelog:
    + Bosses now constantly spawn minions while in combat - Minions' type vary on the tier of the boss.
    * Minions have been adjusted and nerfed. [Spawn rate & damage]
    * Drops have been fixed

    Addition of new rewards

    Spoopy Stick (God bless Kiri for the name)

    Costs: 16 Candies

    Halloween Recharger
    Now you can use your Halloween gadgets without having to worry about them running out of fuel.

    Costs: 1 Candy

    + We have also added a new collection of customized heads which will allow for better and more crafty builds.

    If you are in the either worlds, Architect or Creative; just type /hdb to browse the heads selection. Otherwise, visit the Heads Shop in the city for the updated collection.

    That's all for now,
    Hope you enjoyed this update, let us know if you have any suggestions!

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