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    Dear MCCities Players,

    We are looking for a screenshot of the server that is high resolution (1080p) and large enough in size to use as our website background.
    The contest will be held by our staff team, and will be decided upon once we feel it's fair to start picking to give equal chances to the community.


    • 15$ coupon code to our store
    • Having your screenshot on our website :).

    Shaders are not a requirement, but however are highly recommended to use.

    How to submit:

    Add all the administrators (Owners and admins) in a conversation with your submission. (Must upload picture to imgur and give us the link from there, or by using the forum's attachment system, whichever you prefer)

    The one background, if any seen best by the staff team will be picked and the reward above will be handed to the submitter.

    We wish you best of luck!
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