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By Coban on Nov 24, 2017 at 11:30 AM
  1. Coban

    Coban Well-Known Member
    Former Admin

    Jul 31, 2014
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    Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. In my last announcement I've promised you to try and bring you weekly updates about what we are working on and what we have planned, it also allows us to take your feedback before fully releasing whatever project we are working on.

    This week's topic will be a feature I've been teasing for a while but was set aside due to me being busy, however, I've started working on it again but this time with more better ideas in mind. There is no estimate on when it will be released.

    But before we start, I'd like to remind you that we are having a Black Friday sale, 35% off all server store items, so if you have been thinking to buy anything on the store, now is the perfect chance.

    [Early version of the logo, may still be changed in the future, yes I didn't put much effort into it]
    [All the information and names below may be changed when it's released, it's all pseudo]
    This "Crafting System" is a whole new concept to Cities which gives everyone an equal chance of earning loot and exclusive items by completing various different tasks.
    It's not merely a quest-type of thing, but rather a progressive system to constantly reward you for playing the game, for example; killing mobs or special bosses, and by completing a task, you earn Crafting EXP which can increase your drop rate, or give double items when crafting. At the moment I am not willing to have it say what the tasks are. Your normal playing activities may be one of those tasks, and if not, you can ask other players what method works for them.

    Why is it called a crafting system you may ask? By completing different and random tasks, you get the chance of receiving what is called a Fragment, which on its own is useless, however by combining multiple of those Fragments, you can craft a Key or a Chest. It can be a Steel Fragment, or a Wood Fragment, Fragments come in different forms, and it will all be random drops.

    What's a Key and a Chest? You will need to craft those as mentioned above, and you need both to earn loot. A chest requires a key to be unlocked, and it can contain up to three different loot items, including exclusive and valuable ones, such as Slimefun or admin cosmetic items.

    If you are not about grinding, you won't be left out don't worry. On special occasions, new versions of Reward Shells will be released for a limited time, those basically are Chests that require no key to open and contain better loot drops. Will be available either on the server shop, or other ways like voting.


    This for example is a Crown Shell, one version of a Reward Shell.
    And you may ask, what's an Epic item? That's a story for another day (Planning still unfinished), but it will be part of the ranking system of new, possibly cosmetics only, items for you to show off or sell/trade. (More information will be out as soon as it's done).

    What do you think? If you have any feedback, let me know below.
    Thanks, until next time. :)


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Nov 24, 2017.

    1. ItzJazzMade
      I really like the idea i think its still on scratch but i think this is really going to make the server more fun!
    2. Gabriel
      Hmm interesting. Will this include nice slimefun items and mythic weapons? Also I suggest when it's done you do a guide on how this works.
      Najlab3 and smartboy_roks like this.
    3. Gabriel
      But wouldn't this decrease the value of already rare items this would mean everyone will have rare items.
    4. Tricoh
      This idea sounds really cool and I'm really excited :^)
      Najlab3 likes this.
    5. ItzJazzMade
      Thats called a drop rate due to the fact that if everyone voted every day and every day did /scroll more rare items would also come in the game so it depends on how many people are going to do this and for how long.
    6. Gabriel
      Yeah agreed
    7. LeanneTheUnicorn
    8. Turkey
      So is this similar to factions/skyblock style crates ?
      Tricoh and Gabriel like this.
    9. Leroymooshoo312
      Coban. You are genius, and you're getting there. I encourage you to keep having great ideas, and making the server better. If we keep upgrading this server at a steady rate, we could soon be one of the top 20 servers. :Evil: Also, good morning everyone!:coffee::sleep:
    10. Coban
      Except that both the key and the chest will be items in your inventory. A lootbox if you suppose.
      CP42 likes this.
    11. CP42
      So how do u know when u complete a task or quest? I was doing a ton of things and couldn't see a difference ;-;
      is it in the game yet?
    12. ItzJazzMade
      Nope its not xd
    13. Coban
      It's not yet implemented.
      You will be notified and asked to claim your reward via a GUI (this way we wouldn't risk players losing their rewards due to dying etc)
      LavaFlake and CP42 like this.
    14. Gabriel
      Maybe there should be an option where you can turn it off for yourself if you don't want to do it.
    15. TheDiamondTiger
      Since the wild world is basically a post apocalyptic area for people to gather resources instead of just a rural area; maybe adding dungeons/ruins and mythic mobs could add to some elements of this. The wild world currently is fairly bland and making it have a more rpg feel could really extend the amount of things people can do.
      CP42 and Magic_Terminator like this.
    16. Gabriel
      I agree making the wild like a world to gather rare items.
      CP42 likes this.
    17. Coban
      Really like the idea. I've always wanted to add RPG elements to Cities but I get the "It's a modern city server, don't change that" line, but I'll make sure to change that because it's pretty dull, I agree.
    18. Gabriel
      Coban I think we can have a balance. Just like in real life some places are large cities and then some are wild areas with rare items such as expensive natural resources. I think you will just have to find a way to balance how the process is laid out.
      CP42 likes this.
    19. Magic_Terminator
      Sounds Amazing :D it would be good with different rarities and like limited editions things like that would make it even better :)
      CP42 likes this.

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