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By Coban on Dec 8, 2017 at 4:21 PM
  1. Coban

    Coban Well-Known Member
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    Jul 31, 2014
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    Hope you all have a happy holiday! Last week I was extremely busy, sorry for not publishing the weekly update I've promised, the next couple of weeks I should have more free time from projects and whatnot.
    Either way, this week I focused mainly on Christmas updates, and this included changing the server store's overall theme, took a while but I got it done. I'd love to hear your opinion on the new design, so let me know down below. Not only that, but we are hosting a 30% store discount on all the available items as well.

    Now for the part regarding Reward Shells, in my last update (http://www.mccities.com/threads/weekly-update-1.6788/) I have explained what a Reward Shell is, so I have been working to bring it live as soon as possible. I'm 65% complete with the whole system, the progress is going slow because I'm working on it alone, couldn't find a developer to help with it, which means it will not be released on the time I wished for.

    Here is the progress so far. Those are some of the current rewards, some of the items are exclusive just to the event. (Those are just a fraction of what will be available, there will be a lot more variety):

    The two new Shells, Christmas and Sci-Fi shells:



    That makes a total of three unique shells with mostly different rewards that will be released at first. They will be available either on the server store or by voting.

    When will shells be released? As soon as I finish working on them. Basically once I've finished working on shells, I will continue working on Chests & Keys which will be released at a later date (Or together, depends on my schedule).

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated, they do help speed up the progress and improve the quality so don't hesitate to post below.



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Dec 8, 2017.

    1. AnonymousBro
    2. Gabriel
      Will this include slimefun rare items and mythic rare items?
      laggynab and Marie like this.
    3. Marie
      ^ oo yes will there be mythic items??? :)
      ItzJazzMade and laggynab like this.
    4. laggynab
      Thank you so much for this amazing new update :D Merry Early Chirstmas! :D
      ItzJazzMade likes this.
    5. Death_Inferno360
      Hopefully no mythics, but rare items is fair i guess
      laggynab likes this.
    6. laggynab
      What are mythics? MythicDrops? Or are they uhm. Diamond armour?
    7. ItzJazzMade
      The scrolls and weapons. With the slots etc.
      Also armour
    8. Lobro02
      Some items you could pull fishing? :D
    9. ILaxSkill
      This is going to make the server so unique from other Towny/Roleplay/Economy servers. Thanks Coban for your ideas and kindness/patience to code/create them! :D
      CP42 likes this.

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