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By Coban on Dec 17, 2017 at 1:10 AM
  1. Coban

    Coban Well-Known Member
    Former Admin

    Jul 31, 2014
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    Up until this point I never really had an impact on the server's gameplay mechanics that much, but I'm glad to bring you my first core project. In two days alone I've spent 14 hours to bring you this feature as promised, it took me a while to setup the project to provide you with an easy and fast interface considering I'm working on it alone. I've tried my best to eliminate all the bugs I could find and from my testing, it's working as intended, so without further ado, here is the Crafting System.

    What is the MCCrafting?
    - It is a unique system of MCCities, offering players an interactive way of earning rewards by finishing tasks and quests randomly given to each player. You can access it by running the command /crafting

    What is the current progress on MCCrafting?
    - All the code bases are set, as well as a fully functional Rewards Shell system for players to use right now. Approximately 45% of MCCrafting is done, and it will continue to progress by each passing day.

    What are Reward Shells?
    - They are obtainable rewards, granted by completing different tasks handed to you, which require no additional items to unlock, and they usually are limited-edition and fit a particular theme. Once unlocked, they can give from 2 to 3 random items, guaranteed no duplicates. Depending on the Shell, they usually contain rare and exclusive items related to this specific theme.

    What are the current Rewards Shells and how to obtain them?
    - As of right now, there is the Sci-Fi Shell, which I've released alone to see your feedback on. It can be obtained by a chance via /voting or purchasing on the
    MCCities Store, under the In-game Items category.

    I was told there was Chests and Keys, where are those?
    - Shells are just the start, as I continue to work on the project, it will expand and make all of those promised features available. Even with that being said, the base structure for Chests is already in place which you can see by doing /crafting and hovering over the Ender Chest, just a matter of finishing it which may take a while.

    It's based on the Sci-fi theme, meaning most of the items inside are exclusive and obtainable only from the Shell, from SlimeFun gear, utilities to custom admin items and gear.

    It is a limited edition shell, once the time is up, it will no longer be obtainable at all, including all the exclusive items it contains making them extra rare. However, the Shell does not expire from your Crafting inventory, so you can unlock it whenever you wish and still receive its items.

    Preview 1:
    Preview 2:

    4 out of 5 of the items above are exclusive to just the Sci-fi Shell.
    A Sci-fi Shell can be obtained by chance via /voting or purchasing on the server's store.

    Now this is how the GUI looks like if you have Shells to open. It is accessible via /crafting



    In addition to that, an important notice to all of our players:
    In a week time we will be replacing our current Auctionhouse (/ah) plugin, so please take your items out before then because if you don't, your items will be lost when we switch plugins and they are not refundable.

    On top of that, we are preparing to update the server to improve the performance and decrease lag, we have also pointed out the reason for the recent crashes and are working to fix it as soon as possible, we will keep you notified.
    That's all, will make sure to see you real soon. Hope you enjoyed the update, please leave your feedback down below.
    Happy holidays!​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Dec 17, 2017.

    1. Magic_Terminator
      I love it and congratulations on getting this far into the project! Have an amazing holiday Coban!
      laggynab and CP42 like this.
    2. ItzJazzMade
      Nice but ow I want a box xd
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    3. ItzJazzMade
      I have gotten the Admin item Man's not hot but it doesn't do anything? XD Maybe add something in what it can do cuz I am really sad now
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    4. QueenMelone
      Wow this is super impressive way to go!!!! Can't wait to try it out :eek:
      laggynab and CP42 like this.
    5. Coban
      In a legend it says if a player collects all three Big Shaq's admin items, they will be able to trade them for a cool item when crafting materials is done ... :smug:
    6. ItzJazzMade

      tooo manny emotionns

      So I have 1 of the 3. Lets do this!
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    7. Gabriel
      I have a suggestion that you should do a broadcast every so often to tell everyone to take their items out of /ah. Also will there be some type of tutorial added on how this works?
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    8. ItzJazzMade
      Why do people need to take their items out of ah?
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    9. CP42
      Bc the plugins being taken down

      Also love the update :D
      laggynab likes this.
    10. ItzJazzMade
      It is? WHYYYY it was my perfect way of making monneyyy
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    11. Gabriel
      It’s being replaced by a better plugin
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    12. ItzJazzMade
      Just AH 2.0? XD Nice
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    13. Gabriel
      No it’s a new plugin
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    14. xXAtomic_SushiXx
      thanks for this wonderful new add on to the server and congrats on getting this far on it! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :D
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    15. bbytammy
      I got a sword today :)
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    16. ItzJazzMade
      So only one item left to make IT
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    17. Death_Inferno360
      I heed to vote even if im le banned
      laggynab and CP42 like this.
    18. bbytammy
      make wot?
      laggynab and CP42 like this.
    19. laggynab
      Thank you Great Owner Lord of Lords :D :D For this wonderful new update for the server :D The 14 hours you spent on this new plugin will not be in vain :D
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