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    [Reputation reset - Ban]
By Coban on Dec 22, 2017 at 8:20 PM
  1. Coban

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    Hope you are all having happy holidays. As promised, I've lately devoted all my free time to bring new updates, and this week I present to you a big one I feel (and hope) will have a great impact on the gameplay experience. As you know, Reputation never had a real usage, which is why this week's update is revolved around it.

    But before starting, we are launching the last Store sale in a while, so make sure to pick what you want now before it is too late. The sale will last until the end of Christmas. 30% off all store items.

    Reputation has received a full rework, beginning with a full reset of everyone's reputation back down to 0, this will allow us to start fresh and give actual value to the feature.

    Introducing a new command, /giverep <name> which allows you to repute other players, whether it is because you enjoy their company, trust them or simply love 'em.
    The amount of reputation you give when using /giverep varies on the following:

    - Your current base rank : (Citizen, Elite etc)
    - Your special ranks : (VIP, Ultra, Staff etc) Note: Architect and police are not special ranks.
    - Your current Reputation

    The higher your base rank, special ranks, and Reputation, the more Rep Power you will have. By default, everyone has 1 Rep Power.

    Base Ranks Bonuses:

    Expatriate: 1
    Resident: 2
    Citizen: 3
    Executive: 4
    Rich: 5
    Elite: 6
    Millionaire: 7

    Special Ranks Bonuses:

    Staff: 2
    VIP: 1
    Premium: 2
    Ultra: 3

    Players are limited to reputing others 2 times a day, and to prevent abusing, you cannot keep on reputing the same player over and over, each time you repute the same player, it adds 1 week delay until the next time you could repute them again.
    So for example: First time you repute XYZ, you will have to wait a week until you can repute them again, second time you will have to wait two weeks and so on.

    Not only that, but you cannot repute a currently warned/muted player. Only players who are free from active punishments may receive reputation.

    Note: There is a new rule for reputation. You cannot ask from others to give you reputation, and it cannot be sold or traded for cash. Doing so will result in a warning and possibly a reset of your reputation.

    Secondly, introducing Honour Title, a new feature to the Reputation system. It is a prestigious title which is based on your total Reputation. The higher your title, the increased Rep Power you have and chance of obtaining rewards from /voting or the Crafting System.

    Title 1: Novice [Lowest]
    Title 2: Valued Player
    Title 3: Respected Player
    Title 4: Marquess
    Title 5: Baron
    Title 6: Merit - At 1000 Reputation [Highest]

    The /reputation command now has a new look, which showcases a couple of the new features as well.
    You can view the Reputation statistics of other players as well if you do /rep <name>

    Now getting jailed only reduces 5 reputation points, instead of the previous 10. As well as voting rewards have been reduced down to 5 instead of 15.

    Cool and good, but is that all? No, he replied. Crafting has also received love, which also interpret Reputation.
    I've worked quite a bit on setting the code bases for the upcoming Crafting update, which includes Steel and Wood Fragments, which will allow you to craft Keys and Chests.
    Now if you navigate through /crafting to "Crafting Inventory", you will find a new page which is still in the works.

    Here are the statistics part for Crafting found in Crafting Inventory:


    It displays all the Crafting Materials you collected over your stay on the server, as well as the boosters you currently have.
    Basically boosters enhance your chance of obtaining Fragments/Shells. A booster can be based on Reputation or your donor rank. (To learn more about fragments, please read the previous weekly updates)

    For example (Not real numbers): At 500 reputation points, your Reputation Multiplier increases to x1.2 which is a permanent booster to increase your chance of receiving rewards by 20% and so on.

    And for a specific update log, it was mostly behind the scenes stuff, but it still may be exciting.

    - I have decided to revive the MinisterP rank, which will now handle duties such as: Transfer requests and island and plot rules. @DarkMagicinY has been promoted to it, I am sure you will do great, you deserve it. Make sure to congratulate him on his forums profile and in-game when you see him.

    - Removed the ugly [Broadcast] message and was replaced with a newer, better looking one. As well as in the next update I will try and have it so it does not keep on showing the rank up message every time a player reaches the same rank over and over.

    That's all, hope you enjoyed this week's update. Until many more to come!​
    All the love,
    - McCities Staff Team


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Dec 22, 2017.

    1. Marshmallowsmalk
      And kweol
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    2. LeanneTheUnicorn
      Noice, congrats Jozef
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    3. Marshmallowsmalk
      Okay I am still as clueless as before with the crafting. I’m scared to even try xD
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    4. Gabriel
      Nice updates! Joey is doing transfers now right? Or is Izzie and Joey doing them?
    5. Coban
      Both of them.
      Why? Tell me what you don't understand.
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    6. Gabriel
      Can you add /force choke (player) and /force lightning (player) :D or a Star Wars plugin!
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    7. Marshmallowsmalk
      So how would these fragments be used to crcreate keys and chests?
      And how could you level up the boosters?
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    8. Coban
      Fragments are still not actually in the game, but when they are, you earn them by just playing. You get keys and chests by trading in those fragments.
      For boosters, the higher your reputation, the higher your booster, or the higher your donor rank (vip, premium or ultra), the higher your booster.
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    9. Gabriel
      A star wars plugin like the movie like lightsabers and new guns/blasters :D it would be cool to have better guns and stuff to make it more realistic.
    10. Marshmallowsmalk
      Ohhh so your ar time affects the fragments once they’re added?
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    11. CP42
      This is amazing Coban! I think this is the best thing that happened to cities except for me joining lol

      Jk I’m not important xD

      But what about my 2200 rep ;-; it took time for that lol
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    12. zombeekeeller
      This is awesome!! Thank youuu
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    13. CloudyDreqms
      I cant wait!
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    14. EnderPoop
      Oi @Coban

      Don’t forget those criminals. We want ranks like overlord and thief etc
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    15. ItzJazzMade
      Grats @DarkMagicinY may you transfer a lot off houses!

      Thanks for the update but I need friends to get rep soo yeah. Uups.

      And cant whait for crafting! Lets do this!!
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    16. Fiirena
      *gag* what’s the big deal with Star Wars sss
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    17. __Remy
      Nooooo, my 1.2k rep D:
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    18. Daniela_x0113
      Love the new update!
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    19. Marshmallowsmalk
      I still cri about my 1725 rep
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