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By Heather on Jul 23, 2017 at 3:06 AM
  1. Heather

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    Hello to all our wonderful players. Many players have noticed that our beloved /warp wild has become rather tired and destroyed over the past year since the last reset. So, to allow everyone to start fresh with new materials and resources available, we will be resetting the wild. We hope that you see this as a great opportunity to make the wild more beautiful and restore its potential for another great year of exploration by our community.
    Some important things to note:
    ~This reset will completely revert everything in the /warp wild world to its original state
    ~If you have things stored in /warp wild you are encouraged to move them to a rented or bought region in one of the cities as they will be lost if left in the wild during reset.
    ~Players are being given 2 weeks from this announcement to move their things.
    ~The wild reset will happen on Sunday August 6th, 2017. All of your items you wish to keep need to be moved from the wild before this date.


    Q: Why is the wild being reset now?
    It has been almost a year since the last reset of the wild. Despite efforts to patch up the worst areas, it gets rather destroyed over time. The current wild looks more like the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse instead of a peaceful wild to forage for resources and supplies.

    Q: I built a really amazing house in the wild, is there any way I can protect it during this reset?
    A: Sadly no, we cannot protect your structures when we reset the wild. You have two weeks to move your things to the city and break any important blocks you'd like to keep. We have always suggested that players not build anything time consuming or important in the wild as griefing is enabled there and fellow players can steal or destroy if they happen to find your base.

    Q: Will I be able to rebuild my things after the wild is reset without losing them?
    Yes! After the wild reset last year I rebuilt my farm (Which my partner and I built when we first joined the server) and it survives there to this day. Several players have found it over the past year and I plan to rebuild it after this reset as well to preserve the memories and nostalgia it retains. ^_^

    Q: I haven't found a place to live in the city yet, how can I get an apt or house to move my things to?
    To find an apt in the city go to /warp city (or anywhere in the city) and do /as find rent (max price per week you want to pay). If you're looking for an affordable apt you can do /as find rent 250. When you find a place you like you can either click the green available sign to rent it or stand in the region and do /as rent. If you're looking for a house to buy you can do several things. There is /as info forsale, /as info reselling, or you can ask players in chat if anyone is selling a plot. Many players do not sell their plots until asked so feel free to reach out and talk to people about real estate.

    Q: Will my set home still be in the same place when the wild is reset?
    A: Yes, your homes that you have set in the wild will still be in the same place. However, the terrain will go back to being how it was before any players modified it. So if your set home is underground in a place you dug out, you will be teleported to the same spot just suffocating in blocks when it is reset. I would suggest moving your set homes above ground somewhere safe before the reset if you wish to keep them in the same area.

    I will update the Q and A with questions from you guys! If you have questions about this process please comment them below and I will do my best to answer them.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Heather, Jul 23, 2017.

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    1. TheDiamondTiger
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    2. Heather
      No we cannot, sorry.
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    3. Heather
      No we are not going to be able to do that.
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    4. TheDiamondTiger
      1 nibble is enough.
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    5. Death_Inferno360
      Everyone do /skin nibble, then sneak when there is interrogation no one can tell the real platypus already
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    6. Gabriel
      Ok I guess Nibble is fine
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    7. laggynab
      Good to see that u are thankful for all the things great owner lord of lords Kiri has done for u :D
    8. laggynab
      Thank U so much great admin lord hm-shi :D I guess all the memories are really gone..
    9. EnderPoop
      Pesky admins resetting the wild whole in away. *goes into British rant mode*
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    10. Jo3512
      Get the chest out of the wild endy!!!!!
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    11. Heather
      Technically I am not the one who's going to be doing it, I am only the announcer and hopefully the motivation for the owners to get this done. :p Don't hate, just appreciate!
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    12. Arius
      Yay the wild is reseting LOL
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    13. EnderPoop
      @Heather but what if I told you I build a huge statue of you in wild that will die if it’s reset? Huehue
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    14. Wynd
      LegoProdigy, the factions 'wilds' are more like the aftermaths of Nukes and world wars
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    15. legoprodigy
      sosososo true lol
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    16. Heather
      Good, it will be lost to the world forever!!!!! >:D
    17. Nightwing310
      Awwww, Ok then! Cant wait to see the wild reset again!! :D
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    18. legoprodigy
      Ill be sure to set off a bunch of TNT when you reset it :evil:
    19. Heather
      We'll see about that ;)
    20. Death_Inferno360
      Everybody start using Xray mod lol they wont notice you stole resources. Jkjkjk
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