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    You are the reason I'm leaving, U still are trying to teach me innapropiate stuff. U know what, I'mma just leave the forums permanantly
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    Yes, I'm leaving MCCities, and no, it's not because I got rejected as a staff. I've played for a long time and I absolutely love this server, however... There was a lot of things that happened, Shiba and GotYouScoped taught me some inappropriate stuff which I'm not suppose to even know about...
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    Battle royale

    Anyone even gonna reply
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    IMPORTANT Player Hosted Events

    1:IGN: TheBoiMirage 2: Name of your idea: Battle royale 3: Players will spawn with loot or they'll have to find weapons and than fight to the death until one player stands
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    Battle royale boi :}

    Battle royale boi :}
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    Battle royale

    Hello. I have been inspired by the movie, pubg, and the original battle royale events of MCCities, Hunger games. I just want more of events like the Hunger games so a Battle royale event would be great, 3 Minecraft days [45 Minutes] to kill eachother or no one wins. Making alliances is allowed...