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  1. Faheem_

    Player Warps

    Hello, players of McCities! After a long time we now have player warps introduced into the server! To start all you have to do is type /pwarp and it will bring up this menu Here you can...
  2. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Player Hosted Events

    Not too long ago in an update post we had mentioned player hosted events. Now for the month of July we want to do those events. These events will e hosted by the player be it their own idea and will have the backing of staff to help achieve it. The rules are: - it not being for your own monetary...
  3. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT New City Update

    Not so long ago i made a post detailing the idea of a new city. We have already started the project of creating this city but it wouldnt be right to give you guys the plan of how this city is to be laid out and the plan for it so here it is: The city will have 4 districts. This is to keep things...
  4. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Bank Robbery

    Hello all, the much anticipated bank robbery is now ready to go live. However this plugin is different from last time so i will give you guys a quick rundown on how the plugin works This robbery now has organised crews To create a crew type: /robbery crew which will bring you this screen Here...
  5. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT A new city

    Hello everyone hope you are doing well The staff at mccities with the aid of the architects have decided having a fresh brand new city would benefit the server. The focus of this is to freshen up the server as the current city we have has been there for 5 years. This new city will not result in...
  6. Faheem_

    Update 06/07/2019

    -Disabled the crawl animation so players can no longer glitch exploit. (comes into effect next restart) - No longer allowed to trade with exp in /trade to stop exploit with exp - Stinky Ncgee and hospital NPC's fixed and working as intended
  7. Faheem_

    Update 05/29/2019

    -Added trade plugin, will be available once i sort out the permissions and use-able upon next server restart. -Stocks will be removed on June 1st to help with lag. Please remove any money you have from there to prevent it from being lost. -NPC's at hospital are fixed and functional
  8. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Missing Regions Guide

    This section is specifically for those who have missing regions or regions that are owned by someone who is not them. The format of the report should go: IGN: Name of Region: Was it on an island?: (Screenshots to prove its your region, not required):
  9. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Server Down

    Hello players, If you have tried to join the server you will see that it is down. We are currently running into some host issues and are trying to resolve them hence the whitelist is up. Check back on this post often for any updates i will provide. There is currently NO estimated time as to when...
  10. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Plot Rule Changes

    Hello Everyone, As you are aware, as of recent plot activity allowed a 60 day time period where you could be inactive before plots would be revoked. This is now being reduced to 45 days. This rule will take into effect 2 weeks after this post. If you have concerns please leave them down below...
  11. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Starter Island

    Hello Everyone, A problem that many new players face is a lack of plots, but more specifically affordable plots. We have tried to combat this problem by creating a designated zone just for these new players. This area is called starter island. Its small simple, rent homes for the new players to...
  12. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Plugin Changes

    Hello fellow players, As most of you are aware we are experiencing a lot of lag and a way to change this is to remove and change some plugins we have so far: - Changed the voting plugin which has helped drastically.(the reasons why everyones vote were reset) - We will be removing the Auction...
  13. Faheem_

    Update 04/24/19

    Update log- 04/24/2019 - Player hosted events! Player's will get the chance every month to host their own event which will be supported by staff. They will need to come up with an original idea which can be voted for by the players. The event has to be realistic but we hope to help with every...
  14. Faheem_

    Easter Hunt!

    Hello peoples of MCCities We here at the staff team hope you are enjoying Easter, spending time with your family and more importantly having lots of chocolate! We have decided ourselves to come up with a little hunt for all of you to enjoy There are 4 locations all with custom items that are...
  15. Faheem_

    Update Regarding Transfers

    Hello MCCities Citizens. This is just a small update regarding transfers. If you are to have any shulker boxes in your transfer request there are a few rules. - You can only have a limit of 1-3 Shulker boxes per transfer. - If you require any more than the limit you are to pay 10k per Shulker...
  16. Faheem_

    A Treasure Hunt

    Hello peoples of MCCities Over the next month or so we will be hosting mini events to keep things fresh on the server and bringing more stuff for you to do. So to start with we have a little hunt for you guys to embark on. There is a small prize at the end if you are to find the treasure, but we...
  17. Faheem_

    Warp Wedding Competition Winner

    Hello Citizens of MCCities The warp wedding competition has come to an end! After a few weeks of building, editing and finalising, the competition comes to an end. Lets take a look at our winning build. Its a great build! And the person who built is: @Smilinq The build is already...
  18. Faheem_

    Warp Wedding Comp

    Previously, there was a warp wedding build competition hosted by previous staff members. As they have gone now and we are not so sure who participated for that event its important for us to find out. So if you did participate and have a build completed please let any staff member know or just...
  19. Faheem_

    Update Update Log - 3/13/19

    Update log - 3/13/19 Work on Bank Robbery has begun. No estimated time set for delivery but won’t be so long if all goes to plan. Easter Event plans begin. General city improvements. (Making city look nicer) Previous participant for the /warp wedding event will be spoken to to discuss the event.
  20. Faheem_

    My Return

    Hello all, im pretty sure a lot of the new players will not remember me as i was last playing and apart of the server around 2 years ago. Back then i was co-owner and helped the server grow from the start to when i had left. But now, speaking with kiri i have decided to come and help out the...