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  1. Emmy__


    Likely because you get pay slips for your server job (ex: farmer, miner) just for being online, so they want to prevent people getting money whilst still technically being inactive.
  2. Emmy__

    Decorating Competition!

    Hello! My username is Emmy__. Ever since I started to understand building in minecraft, interior design has always been my favorite aspect. I have an overall minecraft playing time of about 7 years, but I believe I started to get good and familiar with interior design within the past two. I've...
  3. Emmy__

    IMPORTANT Player Hosted Events

    I love this idea! 12/10 support :) Also if you need any judges I'm totally down hehe.
  4. Emmy__

    Hiring for Emmy's Writing Company

    Hello there! I'm Emmy__, and I've been playing on MCCities for two years this July. Recently, I've decided to build up a company I've been wanting to for a while now: A writing company. A headquarters has already been created, and each player will have their own office inside of it to work...
  5. Emmy__

    My Farewell Party

    I am sad to say that due to school starting very soon, I am going to have to take a break from Mccities. I don’t know how long this break will be, as I’ll have to come on to keep up with my properties. However, I’m sure I will return eventually. Since I will be gone for an extended period of...
  6. Emmy__

    The struggle for realtors...

    Thank you for finally saying something! I have tried making money as a realtor before but it’s really really really hard, considering most people would rather pay the easy 500 to do it themselves.