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  1. Irish4Life


    What is bank insurance? How do I get/use it and how long will it last for?
  2. Irish4Life

    Mr. Crayfish Mod Download and then to

    I went to download this mod, but when I clicked on the version I needed, it went directly to the page and then installed something. But, instead of going to gadfly before it downloaded the file, a file was downloaded, and then I was directed to a white page with the url of Should I...
  3. Irish4Life

    Downloading Runtime (Minecraft won't update!)

    Every time a new version of mine craft comes out and I try to update, it will linger on downloading runtime a couple times and then it will say failure to update native mine craft launcher. This causes me to be unable to even play mine craft unless I totally disconnect from the internet, open up...
  4. Irish4Life

    Can't connect to server

    This morning I was playing MCCities totally fine, but around 1ish I tried to login and my computer says it can't connect to the server. Also, it says zero people are on the server. All my other servers are working fine, am I locked out or something? I tried a couple minutes ago and I still...