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  1. Dwimmer

    4 years

    congrats on four years
  2. Dwimmer

    Going inactive for a while

    Enjoy your time off, cya soon! :)
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  4. Dwimmer

    In case you didn’t know:

    Good luck !
  5. Dwimmer

    In case you didn’t know:

    Yooo nugget!!! I’ve missed youuuu. I never realised silverstrike was you!
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    Goodluck with your exams!
  7. Dwimmer

    Lovin this new website update!!

    Lovin this new website update!!
  8. Dwimmer

    Yooo nice!!

    Yooo nice!!
  9. Dwimmer

    Hey guys, Just Doing A Little Check Up Post

    It's great to hear from you! Glad to know that you're fast is going well! Looking forward to seeing you again. <3 :)
  10. Dwimmer

    I long for an mccities instagram or an mccitiee subreddit.

    Sounds like an interesting idea. I'll bring it up with staff.
  11. Dwimmer

    Updating website

  12. Dwimmer

    IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

    IGN - Dwimmer Team - @Dope, @DwimBro, @xPurpleKittyx, @Diimiiss, QueenDwim, And we hope to hire more if our plans are accepted. Plans - So we have created a simple plan but one that involves many different aspects. To start, the island has a large number of plots just poking out past the...
  13. Dwimmer

    introducing heeihaaihoi

  14. Dwimmer

    I Am Making Good Progress IRL, Might Be Able To Join Back On In A Few Months

    Heyy that's great to hear! I hope everything has gone well. Can't wait to see you back online. :)
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    Please take this consideration into account.

    I agree with u sweetkeat with the caps one but the rules are here to keep the server nice, friendly and enjoyable for everyone. And you are not going to play Simon says with the staff if you follow the rules in the first place and the rules are pretty easy to follow and understand.
  17. Dwimmer

    IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

    The court comp is still on, you must enter by the 15th of feb.
  18. Dwimmer

    I am leaving for good.

    Awhh, it’s a shame to see you go. Good luck in the future :laugh:
  19. Dwimmer

    Happy bday b

    Woooo Happy Birthday! :laugh: