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  1. shroomchi

    IMPORTANT Police Info & Exam Guide

    Applying Requirements: Citizen+ in-game rank (to see your current rank do /ranks) No past discretions Getting banned for breaking any of the general server rules will result in an instant disqualification. Alternatively, it must be 3 months since your last ban at the time of applying...
  2. shroomchi

    Bugged Region

    Issue with regions overlapping resolved.
  3. shroomchi

    Completed Apartment Regioning

    I know you've been waiting on this one for a while I just haven't had the time. Will be able to make time soon so the expected completion date will be sometime Monday (3-13-23). If you're in need of other regions done since the time you posted this please reply to this thread. Edit: Completed.
  4. shroomchi

    Accepted Ban Appeal

  5. shroomchi

    /home command got reset?

    You might've had an old home-set in the previous wild world that no longer exists.
  6. shroomchi

    [Bulletin] September 2022

    Hello everyone! We’ll be trying out a new monthly announcement system to better keep you guys informed on what is being worked on and what’s to come. Your Suggestions! These are suggestions that have been made in the last month that are now under consideration. We’ll be testing out how to make...
  7. shroomchi

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Appeal accepted. Further appealing was discussed in dm's and discussed among staff. If something of the like is to happen again the ban will remain perm with no chance of appeal. Welcome back
  8. shroomchi

    [ACCEPTED] koekie_w's Arch App

    Discussed and application will be accepted. Welcome to the team
  9. shroomchi

    Denied request to transfer

    Build replacement denied. The current house adheres to city standards while the house replacement requested does not.
  10. shroomchi

    Completed please transfer creative to survival

    I was wondering what had happened. Wasn't sure if that was intentional on your part. I will just adjust the exterior colors for you in city.
  11. shroomchi

    Completed survival to creative

    Completed. Pasted at 3044 65 -2014
  12. shroomchi

    Completed survival to creative

    Completed. Pasted @ 3017 65 -2124 Avoid any major changes with the surrounding build as it stands out as being isolated.
  13. shroomchi

    Completed survival to creative

    Completed. Pasted @ 3033 65 -2078 Red wool marks the bounds of the region and i included some of the back side.
  14. shroomchi

    Completed survival to creative

    Completed Pasted @ 3044 65 -2083
  15. shroomchi

    Completed survival to creative

    completed. Pasted @ 3044 65 -2086
  16. shroomchi

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Deleting comments irrelevant to the appeal. Staff will discuss your appeal and be back with you soon.
  17. shroomchi

    [ACCEPTED] koekie_w's Arch App

    Conflicted about your activity time. I will be messaging you on discord to discuss acceptance. App on hold.