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    That's not up to me :feelsbadman:

    That's not up to me :feelsbadman:
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    In case you didn’t know:

    You can register a discord account for free.
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    In case you didn’t know:

    Tear down those gates. Lick the wounds. Always hit the ground running.
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    In case you didn’t know:

    I can already see the potential. You should apply to be an officer, or DM Trump directly on discord to expedite the process @Gabe#4755. We need standouts like you to protect the streets of Cayman. I believe in you :)
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    In case you didn’t know:

    Be the hero that we deserve.
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    In case you didn’t know:

    Don't let anyone limit you, silver nugget. Go beyond plus ultra.
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    IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

    Calling all McCitizens... We're creating the opportunity for select players to manage the following island - Austrum This role will require you to put together a team (or if you prefer to work alone, include detailed reasoning and how you plan to accomplish tasks) to modernize the island. Some...
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    Guys, I am Leaving for A Long Long Time

    Good luck, Nugget_Lord14. You were my favorite nugget lord.
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    IMPORTANT Server Event: Hunger Games Round Two

    Two hours from this comment timestamp
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    IMPORTANT Server Event: Hunger Games Round Two

    Welcome to Round 2 of the Mccities Hunger Games! This will take place on 1/11/20 with up to 20 players competing for the grand prize and up to 2 rounds. The first 20 players who register are the 20 that compete; however if you are unable to make it on the posted time another player fills in...
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    POTM January

    It's okay if it's been a while since your last POTM win.
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    IMPORTANT New Year's Eve

    Hello everyone! I am very excited to be heading into the 2020 year with all of you! We have gone through a lot in the past year, and I apologize for being inactive in its early months. However, I am so grateful to come back to such an amazing community, and I'm looking forward to working as the...
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    3-Year Anniversary

    Lol, old.
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    Missing money

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    Divorce court

    Wonderful idea.
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    Resolved I lost in game money

    Restored. Message me if there are any more issues.
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    Resolved i lost in game money

    Your bank should be restored now. Make a convo if it isn't.
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    Update Update Log 12/5/2019

    Update Log - 12/5/2019 Drug Changes New Drug: Berserker Mushroom (Grants effects similar to rabies) New Drug: Angel Dust (Grants Haste + Night Vision 1) New drugs have their very own recipes that have to be discovered. Hint: More basic drugs are used to craft these. World Shrink As some...
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    IMPORTANT Upcoming City Changes

    Hello, Players of McCities. We, as a staff team, are working on significant changes to the cities that will be occurring over the next few months. Most importantly, the world NewCity (Regions inside Goldenoaks & Blumont) will be removed in its entirety. We will be working to redevelop the...