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  1. Death

    Completed City to creative

    Hello, I approve of this request. Toryn may transfer the island to arch world, once the plot is transferred to arch world, please just erase the chests/shulker boxes on the ARCH WORLD region in order to prevent any dupes since there are some items that might be in the chests. @shroomchi
  2. Death

    Regioning Error

    I know im not really in the position to answer this but when i purchased the region, the basement was never part, the only part that was part of the region were the upper portion, you never really had access to the pillars all the way down below. the region in essence is technically floating...
  3. Death

    ImARepublican Ban Appeal

    I can testify for him, so what happened is that were playing a game within the gang to like kill the players online. So I placed a 1k bounty on everyone and Rep decided to hunt gabby & chickfila since they were bountied, he went inside the house while he was on invis and then killed them. they...
  4. Death

    Halloween System

    Yeah i said that, even those who didnt contribute as much get a reward, just greater incentive to the one who placed the most damage.
  5. Death

    Selling [Round 3] MCcities Official Plot Auctions

    Death_Inferno360 Yatch 7mil I want the boat/ship because I never really owned any aerial/naval sort of type of place and it Will be really different to the place i used to own before. Besides this I like the sense of seclusion it gives and that is jut the right size for me to stay in. Not...
  6. Death

    Halloween System

    Have the old halloween system back where the person who deals the most damage gets a reward of sorts (xp, extra candy, crate key, etc...) i feel like its a lot more fair with that system since some people contribute more than others, gives a little incentive to people to actually fight the...
  7. Death

    Selling [Round 2] MCcities Official Plot Auctions

    Sorry if this is a bit late but, I am bidding for the plot Mhouse ign: Death_Inferno360 bid: 8,500,000 or and 8.5 Million Reason for doing so: I know that I am bidding a huge sum of cash but I was able to play again for a while, I wanted to use it for the reasons I mentioned above which is...
  8. Death

    Selling [Round 2] MCcities Official Plot Auctions

    Gang gang 6mil on Mhouse i want a few nice properties to use and its a perfect location as its in the top of a mountain range. Ive limited how many plots i use in the past months so I pretty much want to use this place for me and my friends. I might make it as an arena on top where you can do...
  9. Death

    Hai! I am new I don’t know how the tutorial works :(

    Hai! I am new I don’t know how the tutorial works :(
  10. Death

    An Imperfect Soultion for an Imperfect System (inflation)

    Its nice that you are suggesting an idea however I don’t see the realism in this as nothing influences the change in prices. Inflation takes place because of change and when you take out change and make this change in price as something that is not controllable, then a value of something will...
  11. Death

    Lol its been so long I hardly remember. I feel generous so uh can we get this to 50 likes and 50...

    Lol its been so long I hardly remember. I feel generous so uh can we get this to 50 likes and 50 comments at least and ill raffle out 3x 1million dollars randomly the next time I come online. Its been quite a while hope everyone is having fun!
  12. Death

    McCities Property Problems

    If you guys really wanna fix a problem stop complaining about nibbles plots or shortening inactivity timer. All you really want is strip players off plots because they have others things they need to do. In all honesty, you wanna fix a problem don’t allow plots to go to forsale and send it to an...
  13. Death

    Death’s Departure

    So I guess this is actually it. I am leaving and I guess its not really much of a surprise that I am due to me not being that active on the server anyways. The list would go on and on if only I could mention the past 2 years and 2 months I have spent on this server. I think generally I have lost...
  14. Death

    Meh’s Final Goodbye

    Oh well goodbye my time is coming soon
  15. Death

    Lost a Region + Unregioned region came back

    IGN: death_inferno360 Name of Region: e01 and em-mansion Was it on an island?: e01 yes, it was an old region that was unregioned by enderport, but came back but says the region isnt fiund but the chat message comes out. The island is currently with pengy2552 so communicate with him to take off...
  16. Death

    Anyone want free money? Just keep posting on this thread. Unli Cash, it will keep going on for as long it can go.

    Just keep posting till you reach a certain page and you get a prize. Page Number and Prize Page 10 = 100k Page 20 = 200k Page 30 = 300k Page 40 = 400k Page 50 = 500k So on so forth till the 100th page For the 100th page you get 1mil. Page 100 = 1mil Page 150 = 1mil Page 200 = 2mil Page 250 =...
  17. Death

    [GAME] Who can post last? [900K REWARD MONEY] [LEGIT PAYING]

    Smh only 200k for the 40th page sad
  18. Death

    IMPORTANT Starter Island

    Good idea, however there is only a number of it that can be rented, in my opinion if staff does recommend to rent those plots to newer players, then it would eventually run out of space. Perhaps you can cap who can rent it till Resident Rank and also it looks like a more refined area of the old...