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  1. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Transfer problem

    Where can you not build?
  2. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Suggestion to fix the economy + some other suggestions

    Basically decreasing pay checks by a few dollars doesn’t really solve the eco crisis at all imo. People would just rank back down to citizen. Most millionaires are citizen rank as they don’t keep all their money in their bal. /sf cheat is quite a big perm, so it can’t just be given to anyone...
  3. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Denied I got banned bysleeping bexuty

    The threats you made cannot be taken lightly, you have made multiple comments about me, other staff members and many of my officers. It is unacceptable, appeal denied.
  4. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Clearing City Plot

    Please build a house in creative and get it transfered over to survival via one of these transfer requests.
  5. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Transfer problem

    The build seems to be on the plot? Or am I wrong? and the walls of the basement were not in the region so could not be transfered.
  6. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Selling New Cop Book Series!

    @Death i wrote about u in it ;)
  7. LeanneTheUnicorn


  8. LeanneTheUnicorn


  9. LeanneTheUnicorn

    PvP in Bank

  10. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Case Closed Court Case

    The right chests clearly had been attempted to been locked, which demonstrates that Lnke did not want his things taken from then. in addition, even though you were added to the plot, it was a clear attempt to steal items from Lnke, and he did never consent to this being done. Therefore, I am...
  11. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Case Closed Court Case

    @Lnke do you have any evidence saying this? @MagicalPanguin what do you say in regards to this?
  12. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Case Closed Court Case

    @Lnke what was the initial reason you added him as a friend onto this apartment?
  13. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Creative to City

    Done :D charged 12k
  14. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Transfer Request || @Lauren

    Done, charged 13k
  15. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Transfer Request

    Cannot do right now as my w/e is having troubles, ill do it asap
  16. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Runnerboro region/transfer request

    Done, where are the sand part thingy cords?
  17. LeanneTheUnicorn

    regioning request

    Done ^
  18. LeanneTheUnicorn

    From Plot To Creative

    Cancelled ^
  19. LeanneTheUnicorn

    Transfer Request

    Done, charged 12k
  20. LeanneTheUnicorn

    _selenophile_ Transfer Request #2

    Try to add different blocks in the structure of the build. Transfer denied.