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  1. Eve c:

    House transfer

    Username: SpookyEve Creative plot: my 9th creative plot City plot: Bunnymansion2 (For StrikerStefan373) The house is just an interior redo of what's already there. It is a modern mansion on the right side of the plot upon entering thanks!
  2. Eve c:

    Transfer Request

    It's my 9th creative plot- it's situated at the front and there's a sign to indicate which it is. It is made from cyan clay if you need help finding it.
  3. Eve c:

    rome wasn't built in a day

    rome wasn't built in a day
  4. Eve c:

    Transferring ValourCastle to my arch plot

    Username: SpookyEve City Plot: Valourcastle Creative plot (arch): My 10th plot *I'm taking on a request from intoxicatiing to redo ValourCastle! It needs to be pasted due to the terrain being odd. Thank you!
  5. Eve c:


  6. Eve c:


    The house itself is situated on the right side of my plot from when you first enter, towards the back. It is built from blue terracotta, quartz and spruce wood, and is a 'Country Mansion' style. There is a sign outside to specify which it is. Thanks!
  7. Eve c:


    Username: SpookyEve Creative plot: -4;-3 (Arch world, aka my 9th creative plot) City plot: Dbum This house is for VioletSparkz and was taken as an arch project. Thank you! Edit: Coords are at: X: -1490 Y: 67 Z: -1020
  8. Eve c:

    Welcome to the team! :)

    Welcome to the team! :)
  9. Eve c:

    I have a habit of reading ban appeals when i'm bored

    I have a habit of reading ban appeals when i'm bored
  10. Eve c:

    A City College?

    Whilst we already have both a school and a 'university', I believe it would be beneficial to implement a college for the use of players. Unlike the school, in which teachers are employed and classes are held all at once, I think it would be a good idea to have players request to do lectures on...
  11. Eve c:


    Thank you!
  12. Eve c:

    Completed Transfer from arch world

    Creative plot: My first arch plot City plot: bludsky-6 For AlonH! The build itself is a skyscraper, which is make from green clay and is situated at the back of my plot. Thanks.
  13. Eve c:

    1 year

    /no one realises i've played for a year too but that's ok!/
  14. Eve c:


  15. Eve c:


  16. Eve c:

    i agree

    i agree
  17. Eve c:

    A compilation of photos

    I believe I use Kudo Shaders. lmk if u want me 2 send you the file
  18. Eve c:

    A compilation of photos

    Please inform me of any other locations in which I could take photos using shaders, as I'd like to create a compilation of screenshots gathered from the server. Thank you!
  19. Eve c:

    A compilation of photos

    I originally considered separate albums for these, but I recently download shaders and wanted to share some of this captures of different city locations! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did photographing. :)
  20. Eve c:

    Completed Pasting for a furnishing

    Username: SpookyEve City plot: marshville-yellow Creative plot: My arch plot/my 9th creative plot. Please could the build there be pasted for me on my plot for it to be furnished? McLuvinIt has requested for me to do so Thanks!