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  1. shroomchi

    Completed creative plot to medplot-11

    Completed. Transfer Voucher redeemed.
  2. shroomchi

    Resolved SUING

    Settled in game. Bbq has returned the hat // Kermi paid out $250k in builder fees. Verdict decided by ttammyy (Unofficial court rep)
  3. shroomchi

    Completed arch - city

    Total is $257,312 -$100,00 = $157,312
  4. shroomchi

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Be sure to apologize to TallDino when you come back. Breaking the rules because you're bored is also a pretty lame excuse. Nonetheless here's your 2nd chance. Ban will be reduced to 7 days and permissions to use the vehicles will be revoked. Appeal accepted.
  5. shroomchi

    Accepted sebastiaan153's ban appeal

    Please go over our allowed mods in this section: And follow all of our rules: - Ban will be reduced to 2 days - Please review our regulations and remove any mods. You will have to send proof of...
  6. shroomchi

    Completed transfer

    Build needs to be furnished if you want it moved to the city. Current cost for transfer: $6,892 Will leave the thread open for 1 Week (Pending)
  7. shroomchi

    Completed Creative to City

    Completed. Charged $129, 365 Message me if you have any questions or concerns with the transfer.
  8. shroomchi

    Completed Survival to Creative

    Please follow the correct format & detail the location of the builds
  9. shroomchi

    Completed Survival to Creative

    Please follow the correct format & detail the location of the builds
  10. shroomchi

    Accepted bbqchiq's Arch App

    Very lovely showcase, your attention to detail is stunning. Your terrain especially feels very lush and natural. Looking forward to working with you in the future, welcome to the team.
  11. shroomchi

    Completed Creative to Survival

    Transfer cost $29,468 Pre-approved and proceeding with the transfer. Message me if there are any issues with the transfer.
  12. shroomchi

    Completed Creative to City

    Since all that was altered was the expanded basements and interior I'll only charge the difference from that. The transfer cost will be $129, 365. If you wish to see the price breakdown let me know on discord. If you wish to proceed with the transfer simply approve it here.
  13. shroomchi

    Denied Creative to City

    The build is incomplete.
  14. shroomchi

    Accepted ban appeal

    Your profile's been reset to avoid any future issues or lingering exploits. Welcome back.
  15. shroomchi

    I wanna to be a police .

    You're more than welcome to apply just follow our guide here and submit your questionnaire!
  16. shroomchi

    Denied application for architect

    Hello, sebastiaan153! Thank you for your interest in the architect role. Unfortunately, you fall short of a few of the qualifications for the application process: * The one build you submitted also has no interior which is a must. Build showcases must be completed. * We also cannot accept...
  17. shroomchi

    Case Closed S3b4s01 vs Dutchupro, angelbelmont, and SuperJacob2017

    Players were reached out to on Discord as well about the case but have not responded. The time limit for a response was set to be 3 days from when the court case was published and has expired. The verdict is in favor of S3b4s01 for providing irrefutable evidence. Assets from defendants will be...
  18. shroomchi

    Case Closed Poolisk V. Yaoke

    Logs didn't show that he removed a book but the rest of the items have been returned.
  19. shroomchi

    Completed Em-1 Transfer

    Completed Transfer Cost: $67,593.5