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  1. Death

    Welcome back to McCities Sara, do /warp tutorial to get started (again) xD

    Welcome back to McCities Sara, do /warp tutorial to get started (again) xD
  2. Death

    TheFrostyFoundation: 182k Giveaway || @Lauren

    Lmao interesting story
  3. Death

    TheFrostyFoundation: 182k Giveaway || @Lauren

    Good luck to anyone entering
  4. Death


    Also my plots werent a bad investment, you ruined its value then you offer to buy it, ofc its value will be lowered since its surroundings would look worst and therefore if i sold it, the price would be lowered since its not worth as much anymore. Meaning many of the plots in runnerboro...
  5. Death


    Jeez so much applications to read.... Anyways Ill make this quick, as Police Officer and as the Owner of the Island, Undeadland, I am endorsing koekie_w, Powerfull and ItzJazzMade. Ok so why would it be best to vote for all 3 in one group. First off these 3 are extremely active and online...
  6. Death

    Selling Custom Item Name & Region Renaming

    800k on region rename and 500k on item name change
  7. Death

    Clearing plot

    Can’t do that, that’s the same as griefing or leaving a plot without a build, plus staff dosent allow players to build in survival anymore, well you could if your like super fast and not get caught but thing is, staff requires you to build in creative, they wouldn’t support having an empty plot
  8. Death

    Suggestion to fix the economy + some other suggestions

    The sf thingy, it would likely have to be a player who won’t take part in roleplay and as well as a staff member, similar to how nibble dosent do roleplay on the server as he would have an advantage. /sf cheat is quite op I have to agree, and can easily be abused if just given to a lower ranked...
  9. Death

    Selling New Cop Book Series!

    Cough I’m offended, I am no nub popo, I will jail chu in your BaSeMenT
  10. Death

    Selling New Cop Book Series!

    I honestly have no idea what’s on it, cause I didn’t even write anything lmao
  11. Death

    Camp next week

    Have fun camping!
  12. Death


    I think it’s a good idea except I don’t think all patents should be submitted to public or atleast give them a hint of how things go, such as the machines, some players like you and I made fairly complex machines, we don’t want other people knowing how they work cause it’s pretty easy to change...
  13. Death


    Lol we weren’t using compounds in the periodic table on purpose, The names are commonly used in banks etc... like memberships etc.... but we were just using it as it would fit in
  14. Death


    Jeez lol don’t know if I wanna read all this, but the main idea me cp and lava had first was like loaning and having something as collateral, and then we decided to make some small profit from the system to have a interest rate. As most players usually loan for like what 100k and pay them back...
  15. Death


    I think what’s happening is completely normal, well in fact company names are just brands you put on things, it’s not like it gives an advantage. I don’t even have a company but I make good money out of selling goods which I can easily supply. I think that anyone should be allowed to comment...
  16. Death

    Landlord change

    Death_Inferno360 Plot: sky240 Change landlord, to me all the apts in the building as well as the plot itselfs landlord
  17. Death

    This Is Me.

    Welcome Nemo, gi me some Netflix suggestions
  18. Death

    TheFrostyFoundation: Welcome! || @Lauren

    It’s a good idea, I just don’t see why it’s put into money form, wouldn’t it be better to give someone a small-medium house if like what you said, trying to get back on their feet. I don’t mean any harm to newbies, but based on experience giving newer player a big amount of cash leads them into...
  19. Death

    Happy Father’s Day Senior Daddy Boban -from your 90 thousand plus server kids and pet platypus

    Happy Father’s Day Senior Daddy Boban -from your 90 thousand plus server kids and pet platypus
  20. Death

    Our Facinating Life - Lily & Uni

    Hypixel duels gone wrong xD