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    im moving to America from Germany so I won't be on for the next 2-3 weeks trying to get settled so see you then
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    Court Case against DeathInferno360

    New1. Death_Inferno360 2. As the lawyer of the new technology company Apple I am filing a court case against Death_Inferno360 for slander the company i work for and saying that the owner of Apple lied which he did not and there is no evidence saying that he lied. I am filing this for slander...
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    I think phones would be a cool addition to the server that we could use to do group chats instead of private messaging, tells time, weather, and a way to sell stuff like an eBay xD
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    My sword Disappeared Right out of my inventory!!

    Username: Business_Bacon What you were doing before this occurred: I was going through my chest and I started lagging and I right clicked to open the chest and my sword disappeared. What you've lost (Only if you lost something): I lost A sharp 5, knock back 2, fire aspect 1 diamond sword
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    Selling House

    I'm selling a Medium sized modern house for 175k it has two farms below it a sugarcane and nether wart which are quite big and a storage room for and extra 10k I will leave everything in the house the price in total is negotiable. Feel free to message me in game, on here, and on Skype my Skype...
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    Help the wild by donating to us!!
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    About me

    Im a 14 year old male that has been playing minecraft for 2 years and I love to build and meet new people. I am mature most of the time and like to see people happy. I like the colors Red and Black, My favorite food is Bacon. I'm German and live in Germany but know a lot of English but can't...
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    Chat Bybass

    There are a lot of issues with chat by pass when staff aren't on and it's starting to get out of hand so I think you should look into finding a way to further prevent It i understand it's not the easiest to do but I hope someone takes it into consideration!!