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    September POTM - Poll

    Top nominated players in the nomination thread are listed in the above poll, vote for the player you see deserves Player of the Month! The player with most votes will be announced POTM for a whole month. What are the rewards for becoming POTM? - MVP Rank on the forums for a month, which...
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    Company Guide

    The Company Plugin: The company plugin is for managing your in-game company and managing finance. The plugin makes it more easier to handle employees hired and setting the payment amounts with wages earned. CEO: they can do anything to the company, hire, fire, disband or access bank, change...
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    September - POTM

    What is Player of the Month? - It's an award granted by the community for a player they find friendly or worthy to hold the title. Who to nominate? - The one player you truly enjoyed playing or talking with, whether on the forums or on the server. For being tilt-proof, chill, friendly, trusted...
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    Transfer Request | Arius

    Username: IIAriusII To: /plot home 5 From: Fortnite
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    Transfer Request

    IIAriusII To: /plot home 5, arch world From: Fortnite
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    1 YEAR Anniversary

    Today it's official that I've been playing this server for a YEAR Thank you to everyone I've met and become friends with, they've made my year epic including the new updates and such. I would also like to thank @Najlab3, @blu3skyler, @xXSlimexCubeXx, @ClaryFray14, @LavaFlake and many more for...
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    Selling Life of Staff Book!

    The New Life of Staff IV is NOW OUT! I have been getting lots of /mail from other players wanting me to continue the series so.... Book V will be coming out very soon! Some staff wasn't able to fill out this book, but in the next book they will. LOS Books are on /library menu Have Fun!
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    IIAriusII To: /plot home 4 There's outlines for it to be pasted, Outline #1 - 901 / 98 / 3571 Outline #2 - 993 / 71 / 3657
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    Transfer #2

    IIAriusII Please copy this and paste it to /plot home 4 Coordinates 1st outline- 1024 / 76 / 3455 2nd outline- 866 / 69 / 3741
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    Transfer #1

    IIAriusII To: Amh14 (@Itzumar15 plot) From: /plot home 2 Note- the build has grey concrete, build exterior is mostly grey and mixed with white concrete sand, and it has a sign on it that says “Itzumar’s Request”
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    Buying Mountain Mansion

    Hello, I'm buying a Mountain Mansion with 2.5M! Message me if you have one and willing to sell.
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    IIAriusII To: /plot home 4 (Arch World) From: /plot home 3 This will be transferred to arch world.
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    Region Report

    City-Plot4 FireDemon94
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    IIAriusII To: /plot home 3 (arch plot) From: /plot home 4 (@RedstoneFinder creative plot) Thank you! ;)
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    Selling Mansion7 Bid

    Mansion7 I'm selling a plot and auctioning Mansion7 The plot is on a mountain, next the beautiful view of the tourist attraction area, and has much room. If you'd like to see the plot I could show you in-game or you can do /find Mansion7. Auto-win: 2M The bidding will end on April, 15 /...
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    Transfer #2

    IIAriusII To: H509 (@virek Plot) From: /plot home 2 (Arch world) Note- Virek pays for the transfer request, and the build is modern, has quartz, pillars, and has a sign on it that says “Virek’s Request” Thanks!
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    Transfer Request #1

    IIAriusII From- Na-h9 (@blu3skyler Plot) To- /plot home 2 (Arch World) Thank you!
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    Transfer #3

    IIAriusII To: Runpeninsula (@Gabriel Plot) From: Arch World, /plot home 2 *Note* It’s the build that has quartz, pillars, and it looks like a White House. Thank you!
  19. Individuall

    Transfer #2

    IIAriusII To: ExpoMansion (@FroztyStars Plot) From: /plot home 2, Arch World *Note* On my plot it’s the moutain build and it has a sign that says “Frozty’s Request” Thank you!
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    Transfer Request

    IIAriusII To: A100 (Najlab3's Plot) From: Arch Plot, /plot home 2 *Note* The build has quarts, gray wool, and has a sign that says Najlab3 Thank you!