1. blu3skyler

    Bug Report: Rainbow supplies disappeard!?

    Username: sickjoke What I was doing before this occurred: I was putting the supplies to make rainbow runes into place in the ancient alters. What you've lost and what happened: I was putting the supplies into the ancient alter and a random server restart happened. I knew I was going to lose a...
  2. blu3skyler

    Considering to sell em-mansion

    https://imgur.com/Dd7NvQd https://imgur.com/OHirscJ So I'm not fully sure if I'm going to sell this but if I do how much would it be worth? It's pretty much a " private island " I say " private island " because it is the only plot on this small little island. The other two on the side are...
  3. blu3skyler

    Would you rather!?

    Would you rather have Free WiFi everywhere you go OR have Free Netflix for a life time?
  4. blu3skyler

    The one & only Sky!

    Ive always wanted to make one of these but I kept forgetting . Anyways, HeYooO! I'm Skyler , but call me Sky if you'd like. Now, I may seem like an evil monster :3 but I'm really nice haha. A bit rude at times but I'm working on that hehe. I enjoy doing many things. For example, PvP. I'm not...
  5. blu3skyler

    Completed Tranfer Request

    Username:Blu3skyler Creative Plot: 2nd plot of Mariewalrus. It is surrounded by iron bars & stone bricks. City plot you want the build moved on: largedave-1 Thanks! :D