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    Denied Lenard_McCoy's Teacher Application

    My In-Game Name: Lenard_McCoy What would I like to teach: I would love to teach either: math, science, or history. These are my favorite subjects in real life. What is my rank?: Citizen If a student is misbehaving: If a student is misbehaving I will first give them a warning. If they...
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    Denied Lenard_McCoy's teacher application

    1. What is your Minecraft username (ign)?: Lenard_McCoy 2. What subjects do you want to teach? (list 2 - 3 subjects that aren't taken and relates to Minecraft): If I become a teacher I would like to teach: Math, science, or music 3. What is you rank on the server? (Citizen, Millionaire...
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    Players should be able to be attoernies!

    There is one major job missing in the server. Regular players should be able to become attoernies. If Staff are only able to be attoernies that is extremely unfair. We should be able to become attoernies