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  1. Atlair

    Thank you.

    And I believe I gave evidence of where he said it was okay to give the plot in my post
  2. Atlair

    Thank you.

    @nibble why don’t you unlock the thread so I can explain where you’re wrong many times
  3. Atlair

    Thank you.

    Thanks for locking my “inactivity” thread, where I say goodbye to all my friends... Absolute craziness.
  4. Atlair

    Leaving the server for good.

    Hello, so today at 10:33 EST I was DEMOTED from an Admin for invalid points i'll discuss below. Kiri wanted me to keep quiet and just keep as a resignation but what's not to show other than the truth behind this all. There's so much you don't know behind the scenes, as told earlier from old...
  5. Atlair

    lied about giving money back

  6. Atlair

    March POTM

  7. Atlair

    Case Closed millions owed :(

  8. Atlair

    School Guide

    Unfortantly not atm, but you’re able to do /school (player) to check out some info such as their degree
  9. Atlair

    Accepted FertileEgg Ban Appeal

  10. Atlair

    Warp Wedding Competition

    It’ll replace the current /warp wedding
  11. Atlair

    School Guide

    Hello, the detention room will stay as is, the jail cell in /warp police you’re able to see global chat and type in global, yet the detention room you’re not able to do either and for a reason, to answer the questions (rules given) and see clearly without global chat interfering. The time given...
  12. Atlair

    Warp Wedding Competition

    It’s in the rules, it can be anything smaller or equal to that size
  13. Atlair

    School Guide

    Hello McCities Community, I have designed a new and cool plugin and hired a developer (thanks @Admin) Command(s): /school grades <page> /school [player name] - opens up a nice GUI The GUI shows the amount of detentions attended, suspensions given, school reputation, personal grades School...
  14. Atlair

    Warp Wedding Competition

    — We’re currently looking for a new warp wedding to the city, architects, staff members, or any rank could participate. The wedding will show your landscape abilities and shouldn’t be too much of complicated or hard. Your reward will be recognition for the build and happily placed on /warp...
  15. Atlair


    Happy Birthday bud
  16. Atlair

    Ban Appeal - HappyZookie

    Console bans you if you're caught using Xray. Please send an image of your mod or resource folder to make sure there's no xray mod.
  17. Atlair

    Denied FertileEgg Ban appeal

    Seems inappropriate to me as well and isn't needed in the server. When changed make another appeal.
  18. Atlair

    Accepted foreverannoying's ban appeal and apology

    unbanned, and I hope throughout this time you improved and looked over the rules.
  19. Atlair

    Completed Creative to Survival Transfer

    charged 9k
  20. Atlair

    Transfer to creative

    Build doesn't fit on that plot. Any other plot it could go onto?