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  1. Faheem_

    Creative to survival

    done with you on server
  2. Faheem_

    Resolved halloween hat swallowed helmet (the second time)

    spoken with on server
  3. Faheem_

    lost axe

    I am not able to recover that exact axe, however i can recover any other item as a compensation. Just message me on discord and ill show you what there is
  4. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Player Hosted Events

    Not too long ago in an update post we had mentioned player hosted events. Now for the month of July we want to do those events. These events will e hosted by the player be it their own idea and will have the backing of staff to help achieve it. The rules are: - it not being for your own monetary...
  5. Faheem_

    Lost bow

    working on to bring it back
  6. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT New City Update

  7. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT New City Update

    Not so long ago i made a post detailing the idea of a new city. We have already started the project of creating this city but it wouldnt be right to give you guys the plan of how this city is to be laid out and the plan for it so here it is: The city will have 4 districts. This is to keep things...
  8. Faheem_

    Accepted GrumpyPorcupine's ban appeal

    Please show proof of the mods being deleted from your folders
  9. Faheem_

    Accepted Wrongful Ban

  10. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT Bank Robbery

    Hello all, the much anticipated bank robbery is now ready to go live. However this plugin is different from last time so i will give you guys a quick rundown on how the plugin works This robbery now has organised crews To create a crew type: /robbery crew which will bring you this screen Here...
  11. Faheem_

    Creative to City

    done with you on server
  12. Faheem_

    IMPORTANT A new city

    Hello everyone hope you are doing well The staff at mccities with the aid of the architects have decided having a fresh brand new city would benefit the server. The focus of this is to freshen up the server as the current city we have has been there for 5 years. This new city will not result in...
  13. Faheem_

    Creative to City

    done. Money transferred. 10000 let me know if something is wrong
  14. Faheem_

    creative to city

    The build isnt finished
  15. Faheem_

    Completed Transfer Request For Sky135

    done. Money takne 14500. Let me know if something is wrong
  16. Faheem_

    City to arch

    done. I have copied them over
  17. Faheem_

    City to arch

    done. Let me know if something is wrong
  18. Faheem_

    Creative to City

    Plot transferred, money taken 11500. Let me know if something is wrong
  19. Faheem_

    Completed Transfer Request

    done, next to georgetown-4
  20. Faheem_

    crea to city

    plot transferred, 13500. Let me know if something is wrong