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    Thanks <3

    Thanks <3
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    Thanks <3

    Thanks <3
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    Arch To Survival

    I approve this message.
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    Denied PixelPuppy Arch Application

    I really love the screenshots you've attached and your builds. We're really looking for architects to help us with newcity which will likely be predominately modern . I'd really like to see some modern builds if possible. On a side note you've been a part of the team a few times and have been a...
  5. Smilinq

    Denied iJayx's Architect application

    Thanks for applying, Unfortunately your application has been denied. I do like the few houses you have, but I'd like to see a few different styles of builds. It would be extremely helpful if you attempted to build a sky scrapper design as well. Please reapply when you do so! :D
  6. Smilinq

    Denied ecry_' s architect apply

    Thanks for applying, unfortunately your application has been denied. Try adding some more depth and details to your build. I'd also like to see a few interiors.
  7. Smilinq

    Accepted Arch Application - ttyltammy

    Accepted, Welcome to the team. Looking forward to working with you :D
  8. Smilinq

    Accepted Arch Application - ttyltammy

    We are currently working on a new city. How often would be able to work on the project & do you have any experience building sky scrappers or community lots? :)
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    Charged 25k For the interior changes.
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    Charged 12k for minor changes.
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    Accepted CharHD Ban Appeal

    Bypassing AFK Kick - Bypassing the afk kick through the use of items such as an afk pool, macro, key weighing, and others is prohibited. [7 day ban - 14 day ban - 30 day ban - permanent ban - Each of the punishments can result in an eco wipe] Not reading the rules is not an excuse. However...
  12. Smilinq

    Ban Appeal for jumpterror95

    Ban shortened to 2 days, Please take this time to read the rules.
  13. Smilinq

    City to Architect

    Completed. Located at -80/y/1241. Not quite sure what you meant about the y axis, sorry. I copied a few blocks outside the plot boundaries so you can see how terrain matches up while building/landscaping :)
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    @Lateley has been given @ridebuilder5 apartment and all the items inside as compensation. Case Closed.
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    McCities News Hunger Games Special!

    Very cool
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    runshop missing

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    I've locked this thread while staff deliberate. We will take into account the plantiff's (@Lateley) evidence and return with a verdict within a few days. I'm not sure how much the defendant (@ridebuilder5) has in assets (properties, money, items etc.) so it may take a while to calculate the...
  18. Smilinq

    [Court Case] Sueing @Lateley for $1 trillion worth of damages

    Please do not comment on cases your not involved in. With that being said, RideBuilder5 is banned and therefore this case is no longer relevant. Case Closed.
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    Please do not comment in cases unless directly involved.
  20. Smilinq

    crea to city

    Completed, charged 25k