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  1. ShrillSparks

    Reinforced Spawners

    Hello, I'm ShrillSpark, and I'm here to suggest an idea about the useless Broken Spawners and Reinforced Spawners. As everyone(probably everyone) knows about people being unable to make Reinforced Spawner works as how as it must, so I'm here suggesting to make a villager that trades Reinforced...
  2. ShrillSparks

    Can you explain why you do this to new players?

    Hello ShrillSpark here, AKA Amjad. I'm here to talk about the fact there are disabled SlimeFun items from crafting but it's possible to have it if the player is old and had it before. So when a player comes to the server, he wants to make money from mining, and he hears about Talisman of Wizard...