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    [Ban Appeal] ridebuilder5

    . . .
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    Goodbye and Thankyou <3

    We are staying in touch for sure. Good luck Dwim ):
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    IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

    This event has been suspended until further notice. Sorry for those who began the process, but there were simply not any completed entries.
  5. Smilinq

    Accepted Mute appeal

    Typically you can only appeal bans. I understand your a new player however and do not properly understand the rules. Please read over them. Next time I will not let you off so easily.
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    Denied Kareem's Ban Appeal

    Please refrain from commenting on appeals that you are not involved in @Ciel (Please read up on the rules here) Staff are aware of the situation surrounding the ban. Please be patient.
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    IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

    Clearly the deadline for this event will be extended. I'll post a definite time, but it will probably roughly a 3 week extension commencing when the server is back up :)
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    /Warp Therapy

    Whats your discord :)
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    Completed Creative transfer

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    Accepted Creative Basement Clear

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    IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

    @Cursed You may enter a previous build, but it must have been built by you (& friends). For example, I could not just enter a past build that my friend did. You know? :) Hope this clears up the confusion.
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    IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

    Hello, players of McCities We’re currently looking for a new /warp court build. Everyone is welcome to participate! The build should be relative traditional and fit with the surrounds of /warp bank & university. If possible please also include a smaller holding cell area. Please ensure the...
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    Completed David_2020 request

  14. Smilinq

    Happy Birthday Froz!!! <3 <3

    Happy Birthday Froz!!! <3 <3
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    Yay, One year as staff :)

    Yay, One year as staff :)
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    IMPORTANT Upcoming City Changes

    So when we transfer plots we will transfer all the stuff within the plot (build, chests, items etc) :)
  17. Smilinq

    Transfer Request and broken terraform

    Charged 15k for the minor changes