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  1. SilverStrike15

    Buying Silk touch, Efficiency (Basically any pickax enchatnements)

    I'm a miner, and i'm selling ores to people.So, I'm buying every pickaxes enchantment I can.Comment below with offers pls.
  2. SilverStrike15

    Possibly Joining on in about a week

    Last you guys heard from me I was off all games.However, I have been making a lot of progress Irl, and I might be able to join on in the next few weeks.I'm just sad that so many of my favorite players are resigning and leaving :(.So, I look forward to enjoying my time with you guys even more...
  3. SilverStrike15

    Please Stop Random People From Posting Ads On The Forums

    So many people are posting ads on the server, and it's honestly pissing me off.Please stop POSTING ADS ON THIS SERVER!!!I come on here to see server news, NOT MOTHER FRICKIN ADSS!!!!ADMINS PLEASE STOP THIS!!!
  4. SilverStrike15

    Post Clean, Funny Memes In This Forum

    Like I said, just post clean funny memes on this forum.:):)
  5. SilverStrike15

    In case you didn’t know:

    I’m Nugget_Lord14.What was I hoping to accomplish?Just three things. 1.Give me a new start so that I could try and be a better person, and see how others view me.also, I wanted to look more professional and mature 2.Have more money, more property, and be able to do more things 3.Greater...
  6. SilverStrike15

    Who are all of the stafff and what are their positions

    I have forgotten who the staff are and their positions.please respond with the answer!
  7. SilverStrike15

    I never thought that I would be the one having to make this post.

    I have been keeping tabs on this server for a while.Yes, I am still in the fast, but let me redefine it.When I said fast I meant playing no games , and using electronics a lot less often.Anyways, I have seen a lot of posts recently about these two topics: (1) Rules (2) The server being down. I...
  8. SilverStrike15

    Hey guys, Just Doing A Little Check Up Post

    I’ve been gone fir a little while.I have completed about 1 month of my 3-5 month fast.I just have a few things I want to say and a few things I want to ask before I go back to my fast. I am grateful for all of those people supporting my brother on the server.This server has been a great way for...
  9. SilverStrike15

    Gonna be inactive for a while

    I'm taking an electronics fast for awhile.So, I am not playing on any electronics for a few months.I'll post when I'm getting back on.Nothing with the server, or my family or anything.Just taking a break, now that i'm in this stage of my life.See yall in a few...
  10. SilverStrike15

    Hey guys, I'm SilverStrike15! :]

    Hey guys, this is my first time playing on a server, and going on a server's website, so I don't know what to say.I have been playing mine craft for 9 or so years.Like I said earlier. this is the first server I've ever played on.This server is pretty lit!I currently own one apartment, and i"m...