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  1. mabes


    Hey everyone! I’m going to make this quick since my work break is almost over. Essentially, I decided to take a break from staff. I want to stress that this does NOT mean I quit, or was fired. Many have pointed out for awhile now that I have been very inactive, and this is incredibly true. I’m...
  2. mabes

    Stolen Axe

    1. Who are you accusing? ShrillSpark 2. Claims/ Accusations? I was walking around /warp bank and dropped my axe without realizing. Shrill picked up the axe, and when I asked if anyone saw one he linked it in chat and asked me who’s it was. I said it was mine and he refused to give it back. He...
  3. mabes

    Completed Transfer Request: Survival to Creative

    name: mabelqines property name: h328 transfer to: my only creative plot
  4. mabes

    Denial Message

    Many of us on these forums have applied for staff, or police at some point. Many of us have been denied, also, but were never told. I think it’s a good idea for staff or whoever is accepting and denying applications to send you a message in game or on forums or discord or somewhere, if you...
  5. mabes

    In-Game Chat Suggestion

    In the server chat, there is an activity that occurs every so often, and it’s when u have to type in a series of letters and numbers to get a prize. Could we add another that was a mini trivia? The questions would be easy (for ex. Which cereal’s slogan goes: it’s magically delicious?) and they...
  6. mabes

    ~Positivity Post~

    Hey everyone! According to World Record Egg on Instagram it’s National Mental Health Month! This will be an anti-toxic place to calm down. Enjoy! Especially since final exams are extremely stressful right now it’s very important to take time for yourself. Heck, it’s important to take care of...
  7. mabes

    Deleting a plot off of creative

    Hi, so I had an apartment I was renovating in creative, but then someonerequested to buy it and I accepted. How do I get the property off of my creative plot since I am not renovating it anymore?
  8. mabes

    Completed Transfer

    Mabel03 Plot: h801 Thanks!
  9. mabes

    Hat Store

    When is that hat store coming back? Does anyone have any information on that? I feel like since I came back to this server, it’s has always been down...
  10. mabes

    Hat Store

    What’s up with the hat store? I feel like it’s gonna stay closed... does anyone know if it will open up again soon? DONT RESPOND TO THIS IM PUTTING IT IN A DIFFERENT THREAD
  11. mabes

    How do I change my profile info?

    I’m just curious... I can’t find how to do it so yeah... call me stupid XD Anyways thanks to anyone who knows the answer. Luv yooooooooo ;)
  12. mabes

    Completed City To Creative Please!

    Mabel03 h126 Thank you so much!
  13. mabes

    Regioning Request

    User: mabel03 Land name: h1116
  14. mabes

    I put 70k in the bank and it's all gone

    I put 70k in the bank because I wasn't sure if someone was gonna kill me randomly (sometimes it happens)… After a few days someone was asking me a money question so I went to withdraw it all and it was gone... :.(