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  1. Optic

    regioned incorrectly

    ign: bimyouu name of region: h630 was it on an island: no Pretty much, I bought the plot yesterday at one of the restarts and noticed the region is completely off. I don't have access to build/destroy in the house or to unlock things. However, I have perms to destroy blocks far outside the...
  2. Optic

    Accepted creative to le city

    username: bimyouu creative plot: /plot tp Hawheeze 4 city plot: urbanhouse2 There are two different builds for it. Please transfer the one outlined in white carpet
  3. Optic

    arch request ._.

    ign: bimyouu region: urbanhouse2 size: 34x35 type of build: traditional home (similar to those around) interior: yes please :) basements: 2-3, 1 being storage & throw in like a movie theater & bowling alley on other floors specific features: idc, just make it coolio budget & date to finish: ya...
  4. Optic

    Selling Mythics

    ye title explains it... just use tis lil cutie -> :shrug: lmao if it doesn't work here's the link itself -> so ye just like mail me offers, dm on disc kate#6900, or leave offers on this page enjoy & if enough sell, i'll add prot 7 to the list <3
  5. Optic


    ign: bimyouu region name: oceanmansion island location: nah was in da city So I don’t really know what happened, but I just logged on and noticed I was missing it after counting up the regions. I can’t log on atm to get coordinates of the plot, but it’s right next to SeaFrontH2. thanks in advance
  6. Optic


    ign: bimyouu name of region: h81 was it on an island: no screenshot: if the image provided doesn't work, the coordinates are x:1100 y: 84 z: 759
  7. Optic


    bimyouu city plot to creative- original oceanmansion to my plot 3 creative to city plot- updated oceanmansion from clownrp’s plot 2 over to oceanmansion (includes all the basements down to bedrock) if need be i can get clarification from them thank you <3
  8. Optic

    unregion and region

    bimyouu maplehouse11 - please unregion both apts as they are no longer rented ( mapleapt-1 & mapleapt-9 ) apartment01 - i don’t have perms for the basement or any /unlock commands in the region. also please unregion the apartments as they cause the house to glitch out. apartment01-11 and...
  9. Optic

    unregion apts

    bimyouu maplehouse11 unregion all apts besides mapleapt-1 & mapleapt-9. it’ll probably need to wait until i get full perms over the plot but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Optic

    partial ownership

    ign : bimyouu name : maplehouse11 similar problem as another player, i own maplehouse11 but there is another region (maplehouse12) that is preventing me from editing or changing the plot. it’s owned by a player that can’t be seen with /seen. i have access to about 1/4 of the building. if it can...
  11. Optic

    Missing Region - for zombee

    ign : xzombee name : zombeemansion on island : no screenshots : i have the coords (shows proof on the wall of build) X - 1197 Y - 152 Z - 1629
  12. Optic

    Completed Unregion Apts

    username: bimyouu region: star-city-sky2 I’d like all apts besides the penthouse unregioned please. Thanks for your time
  13. Optic

    Selling let’s get broke bois

    This is an extended addition to my profile post e.e enjoy!!! Plots oceanmansion em-4 gas-station go-modernm-02 bmp1 goh4 go106 amh30 h505 fay2 go-modern08 go-modern09 h81 ep-2 Note: any other plots I own will have things inside that will be sold aka not available yet Items Tier 3-4 scrolls...
  14. Optic

    Resolved SF Machines

    Username: bimyouu What you were doing before this occurred: Checking le machines What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: Sf machines and such glitched out. Anything that isn’t labeled on the machine has a block next to it that describes what it was. Location X-902...
  15. Optic

    Arch Needed

    • 5x16 • Oceanmansion • 82x91 if I’m correct • No build needed • Modern • Yes • There are 7 atm but I only 4 are needed & I’ll mark which ones • Time is up to whoever the arch does this • Budget is basically unlimited but don’t go overboard xd • On the floors marked, I need the lobby redone, I...
  16. Optic

    Buying Fat Daddy Plots

    Hey qts, lets make it short and sweet. Any fat Big Mac plots you have and wanna sell, hmu rn. If you wanna see my budget just /bal me. Thanks babes xoxo
  17. Optic


    Welp this is gonna be one long booty booty post so if you don’t wanna read scoot on somewhere else <3 It’s been a great idk how many years, I’ve met new friends and kept some since day one. Here’s to those special ppl, sorry it’s a bit rushed. •Naomi & Ena- You two where probably my first two...
  18. Optic

    Transfer Request

    Username: shaiione Creative plot: sundae’s 3rd plot City plot you want the build moved to: h85 Side Notes: Please take the money from Blushh and the house is outlined in magenta carpet with a sign in front of it. Thanks for your time!
  19. Optic

    Transfer Request

    Username: WhaleThen City Plot: a60 Creative plot you want the build moved to: I'd like to transfer a60 to my second creative plot. Thanks!
  20. Optic

    Cheap Plots

    _GinevraWeasley_ Plots: BaliManson3 and underdasea-5 I bought both for 0-1 and would like to repay whenever it seems fit. Thank you for your time.