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  1. sundae22

    Creative to City

    Completed, took $77,874 from the owner of the plot Luxivitas ($30,000 was from the shulker boxes, contact me with any questions).
  2. sundae22

    gracie the coolest persone eva

    Sorry for the delay, can you please put the approximate coordinates of the build? I can't seem to find it, I have to use /plot v to get to your plot and there's slight differences in the commands. Thanks!
  3. sundae22

    Creative to City

    Sorry about the delay - completed, took $12,500 from bank :)
  4. sundae22

    Completed Creative to Survival Request

    Completed after some changes, charged $326,903
  5. sundae22

    Completed Creative to Survival Request

    The transfer will be quite expensive as is ($806,247), the most expensive things are: shulker boxes, $170,000 total beacons, $310,000 gold blocks, $60,000 iron blocks, $45,000 hoppers, $187,000 Would you like to make any changes?
  6. sundae22

    Completed Transfer

  7. sundae22

    4 years

    We've been through a ton of stuff together, I'm glad to have you as a fellow staff member! All those court cases in the past, the incident between Banana/Microsoft and Apple, butting heads over the economy, just too much stuff to list. The Runnerboro government is something I still think about...
  8. sundae22

    Who are all of the stafff and what are their positions

    Count out the size of the property you own in the city, then buy a plot in /warp creative and build a house there that would fit on your plot on the city. For example, if h101 is 15x15 blocks, build a house in the creative world that is 15x15 or smaller. All buttons, trapdoors, and blocks in...
  9. sundae22

    Who are all of the stafff and what are their positions

    Go to "Staff Applications" here They're currently closed, it'll be announced when they reopen. I'll paste the requirements below so you have an idea about what to work on. Requirements to apply: - Must be well aware of the server's rules and be...
  10. sundae22

    Who are all of the stafff and what are their positions

    As of now, Owner - Many/Stan Admin - sundae22 Jr Admin - Smilinq, trump15024 Sr Mod - Absstract (Frozty) Mod - Empty_exe (Jazz), lostinthewqrld (Seb), wisemanjp Helper - nandosperichips (Tammy), ShimmyPaw, Ashnxkko (Dani), Dwimmer
  11. sundae22

    Ive noticed that it seems like the server is being kept down

    As said previously, we don't know when it'll be back up. Don't you think we want to play as well? Just wait it out.
  12. sundae22

    Denied GuardianDev1l's arch application

    Thanks for applying, it's great to see newer players interested in the server! However, you have 23 hours playtime which isn't a ton of time to get acquainted with the server. Play for a bit more and explore the city to get a feel for what style houses it has. The slab design on your 2nd plot is...
  13. sundae22

    Denied Paradise's Arch App #3

    The exterior on the white house on 1st plot is very detailed/textured, unique style! The individual rooms on 3rd plot are very nice, the space is used efficiently and the decor is coordinated well. The garden on your 6th plot is also very nice, I like the orange theme. It would be great to see...
  14. sundae22

    Denied Cursed's Arch App

    Your landscaping skills have definitely improved, especially on your 3rd, 7th, and 8th plots. The house on the 2nd plot is good, but the sides are a bit plain. Something to improve on would be adding more details to the interior wall space, like paintings, banners, wall decor in general. The...
  15. sundae22

    Denied SkyTaker153's Architect Application

    The medieval builds on the 1st/5th plots are nice but won't fit into the city too well. The house on 2nd plot is pretty good, I like the pond in the backyard. A suggestion would be to fill up more wall space with windows, paintings, stuff like that. The tall ceilings make it seem emptier than it...
  16. sundae22

    Denied MrRandomPersons Arch App <o/

    You have some nice trains on first plot, but the desert/mesa houses on the second plot are very simple and boxy. The house on the 5th plot uses too many different colors for each room and the interior is a bit empty. Your playtime is great though! Take more time building your houses and work on...
  17. sundae22

    Looking for server photos!

  18. sundae22

    Looking for server photos!

    Hello! I'm organizing a photography contest to get some nice pictures of the server. They may be used on various server pages (with credit to you, of course). Hopefully, these pictures will give people a better idea of what McCities is. Some potential ideas City - Cayman skyscrapers...
  19. sundae22

    City to Creative

    Completed, remember to keep the exterior very similar :)
  20. sundae22

    City to Creative

    Completed :)