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  1. nibble

    IMPORTANT First Major Update

    Police Changes The police system has been restructured with the following changes: Police will now need to hit players twice to jail them The police kit contains a taser which can slow the target down for 5 seconds when hit Wanted System Wanted levels will vary based on different levels of...
  2. nibble

    A small gift for the server..?

    We intend to keep our current plugin, so we can modify it freely when needed; however, we are working on police as the main part of the next major update. If you would like to suggest anything in general police/criminal changes, feel free to let us know.
  3. nibble

    Everything We Know About Heather.

    Hi, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread and point out a few things. Regardless of whatever happened in the past, I'm happy to be here to work on McCities. However, I don't want this community to grow in the direction where we are demeaning to others, regardless of the reason. That being...
  4. nibble

    Update Via Version to the Latest

    Slimefun is actually being updated, it's just that it's not backward compatible if I remember correctly, meaning the server can't update it before updating to 1.14.4 first. Updating cscorelib by itself wouldn't make sense and is very likely to break some stuff in slimefun if it works at all.
  5. nibble

    Update Via Version to the Latest

    Or rather that you simply cannot update cscorelib and expect everything to work properly when Slimefun can't be updated with it. :coffee:
  6. nibble

    What mccities really needs right now. - Long Post Sit back and Relax

    His age is already on his profile, not sure how that matters. I don't really care how inappropriate my comment is, in the end, I worked on this server as a hobby & if I have no respect for the person, I will be blunt with them. What comes, goes? I don't see that you have a very pretty mouth...
  7. nibble

    What mccities really needs right now. - Long Post Sit back and Relax

    I'm not going to bother explaining all I did. Have fun complaining all day & achieving nothing. The reason I lost motivation for this server, to begin with, was to do with entitled and toxic people like yourself :coffee:. You're acting like you didn't try to suck me off for a while then...
  8. nibble

    What mccities really needs right now. - Long Post Sit back and Relax

    Sorry, let me correct myself for you. Taking builds without permission from another server is stealing. You did not have permission for those builds and I have on multiple occasions seen Ghibli steal builds without shame from different servers for your server. Second, killing people when you...
  9. nibble

    What mccities really needs right now. - Long Post Sit back and Relax

    Trying to help by making yourself seem better than you really are is not a good way to help. I've never seen a thing he did that he actually mentioned, so his post doesn't help me see anything other than that he's just lying, and that's not a good look from someone who is trying to appeal...
  10. nibble

    What mccities really needs right now. - Long Post Sit back and Relax

    Clearly you have no clue what you are talking about. The server you made failed because you guys didn't properly secure the server. You guys copied builds from other server and generally had pretty bad ethics when it came to making that server. So what happened was absolutely deserved of you...
  11. nibble

    Every rumor starts where did the ones about the staff start?

    Pretty simple, really: People don't like to blame themselves for their mistake. Sure, I'm certain there are mixed cases where I was in the wrong as I don't make the correct choices for every instances, but more often than not, there are players coming on seeing that I resigned thinking it's an...
  12. nibble

    Thank you.

    To say the least, I don't need more reason than this: Your extremely rude and toxic attitude within the staff team recently made you an individual who I don't want to work with. What really did you expect when being constantly rude to me?
  13. nibble

    Leaving the server for good.

    Since I did state that we will release the reason if you were to start spreading false information, I'll leave the message here. - Encouraging players to spam general chat because things didn't go your way You encouraged spam in the general chat in the police chat because your suggestion was...
  14. nibble

    Update Update Log - 3/5/19

    you make it sound like you can't make money off major company stocks even though it's typically a common practice among people who invest :cautious:
  15. nibble

    Update Update Log - 3/5/19

    Update log - 3/5/19 Only stocks in /stocks popular can be purchased now to reduce exploitability Edited slimefun to attempt to reduce machine breakage Edited Mine regeneration code to attempt to reduce faulty replacement
  16. nibble

    Update Log - 2/20/19

    Update log - 2/20/19 Some of the ores at /warp mine have been replaced Removed the warp Bakery as it served no real purpose Set some of the warps again (Ex: University) which warped you to odd locations /library should function again as intended Removed the snow from all warps Disabling...
  17. nibble

    warp mine

    Which locations?
  18. nibble

    Missing 1.5 Million

    Sat Jan 19 23:40:59 EST 2019[Command] /pay Dwimmer 1500000 Sat Jan 19 23:51:50 EST 2019[Command] /pay xxM0nkeyxx 1500000 I don't see where he paid you back, you paid him after he executed that command.
  19. nibble

    McCities Secret Santa!

    Warp Christmas has been added for players to add gifts for their designated player! You can place a gift sign on the front of the chest order to prepare the gift chest. Anyone who decides to try to mess with the event will be banned until 12/26. Example gift sign: First line - [Gift] Second...
  20. nibble

    McCities Secret Santa!

    Just allows the person gifting and the person who is being gifted to open the chest yes, it'll be available to make sure everyone can collect their present.