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  1. 3DBlockz

    Buying Gauss

    Hello my name is 3DBlockz, i am looking for a gauss Budget 500k or if you want more ill try. Thank you
  2. 3DBlockz

    Missing Region Rn-4

    I just lost my house from the glitch so im making this thread IGN: 3DBlockz Region: rn-4 Island: RunnerBoro Owner: 3DBlockz no screen shots
  3. 3DBlockz

    House lost

    Hello im 3DBlockz and when the server was down i lost my house i was wondering if i would be able to get it back? Please contact me with information.
  4. 3DBlockz

    Case Closed Riverside Clinic

    so i was advertising my clinic for ppl to come and buy medic supplys for half price (no this is not a advertisement) so Ren8383 tpa'ed and i he wanted the Warming machine a bandage and a splint costed 400 but he gave me 300 so i asked him like 5 times then he tpa'ed to his house, came back and...