Accepted Aslumber's Ban Appeal. I want another chance.

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Minecraft Username: aslumber (now 9x16)
Staff that banned me: nibble
Reason of ban: Exploiting
Proof against ban:
I don’t have any proof of my ban, except for what I am saying. Yes I was aware that I was banned for taking something to my advantage. So, I was in creative looking around at the plots after I saw my friend's build the building competition a while back. Then, I found something that I can exploit on. Out of my right mind, I invited my friend. It was his idea to exploit and I warned him about being banned, so he wasn’t forced. He started to exploit and when I saw him, I thought it was a good idea and I wanted to try it (there isn't any good ideas to something that you can get banned for). We tried to be sneaky but it didn’t work. As I’m almost pass inactivity (or I am) I want to be forgiven for my actions and I want to be unbanned from cities and at least try not to get banned again, but nobody can make promises.
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