Baiii kidzzz


Eyyyy, Its yo boi LostPups. Dont worry I'll try to keep this semi short... Throughout the years I've made many friends on McCities and its been a blast for the most part. I've gained some amazing friends along the way and have made some good (and some bad ;P) memories with them, to which I am very grateful for. I hope I wasn't Toooo toxic while on Cities and I'm sorry for anything I may have done :p . Anyways, I was considering typing up a whole thing for each friend I've made but then realized that that would take foreeever and that I'd have to list a tooon of people and frankly, imma busy college boi sooo I'm too lazy for that hehe. Either ways I'm so grateful for the friends ive made (you know who you are) and I hope you all have a great time on McCities. If you couldn't already figure out what this post was about, well... I'm leaving McCities. I've taken an absence from cities before but I've never actually left. And this time im planning on "leaving". That isnt to say I might not visit for a few minutes here and there (To keep my houses cuz I aint givin those away, I already gave my money be thankful :p) I'm not going to list the reasons that I'm leaving the server, but if you just haaave to know, feel free to message me and I'll gladly talk to you :) Anyways I've already gone on too long and I doubt many people are still reading :joy: but for those who are, thanks and I'll cye 'round maybe ;P


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;-; I'll miss you, hope we can stay in touch. :3 tsk gimme some of your gear I need it :p
Anyways, good luck with everything, be safe :3