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Aug 5, 2017
Name: (When banned- Clies) (Current- XinJanWan)
Reason for ban: TP killing and Hacked Clients.
Proof Against ban: It's been 1 year. I quit Minecraft because of this very ban after almost half of my life playing this game (I am currently 14). I've tried to defend myself with video evidence, long audio explanations and help from my brother, but nothing has worked. This server really made me happy and finding out I was banned was so saddening to me. Now, I would whole-heartedly like to ask for a second chance. I promise that I have never used any client on this server nor will I EVER. I will go through any means possible to get back on this server. Finally, in my final attempt to clear my name, many people suspected I was using a client of some sort was due to me using very elite PvP strategies as well as playing the game (almost exclusively on PvP servers) for the past 6 years. Many of the players on this server enjoy other aspects of the game rather than PvP, which may have played a role into the build up of suspicion within the MCCities community. I hope you can let me back on, thank you.
-Clies (XinJanWan).
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