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Oct 12, 2017
The Netherlands
Minecraft username: Sebastiaaann
Staff that banned you: @LeanneTheUnicorn
Reason for ban: Abusing creative transfer
Proof against the ban: simply there's no proof. All i can say is sorry. This will be a big sorry.
I knew the items were duplicated when my house got transferred back. But when i realised it got duped, i was wondering how to tell staff about it. I even asked another player how to start a conversation like this because i was struggling with that. All i can say for now is that i really learnt from it.
And Leanne, we both know you want to deny my appeal straight up, but i really miss cities and the company of all the players. We talked on discord so you know the truth now. Im sad i didnt get the chance to tell you about it but that i just instantly got perm banned. Even though i was about to tell you but i was wondering how, i admit i duped. NOT on purpose. People can say this is the 2nd time i did this, but this is different. I wasn't aware of the fact that i was abusing, i realised that after the house got transferred.

All i can say for now is that im truly sorry that i didnt tell you or other staff earlier. I want to come back so bad, its insane. Ive been thinking about cities every day, especially because ive been playing on the server for (over) 1 year. If my appeal is being accepted, i will continue my life as a sf business man, which i just started to enjoy. Again, im so sorry. Not only to leanne for taking advantage of the transfer part of cities, even though i didnt know i was duping, but also to the people who use mythics because of causing a crash on the mythic market, even though i didnt use the duped items.

Thank you for reading.
Kind regards, Seb


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Feb 18, 2017
Last time you said the same story;
You wanted to tell staff, but we’re too scared.
And you were perm banned.
You said you were sorry, and was unbanned.
You didn’t use the stacks of emerald blocks or stacks of nether stars last time, yet it was still not allowed. Same situation here.
2nd chances exist, 3rd chances not so much.
I have always always made it so clear to you I’m here if you need anything, if you had admitted it to any member of staff instead of hiding it then perhaps the consequences would have not been so severe.
Appeal denied.


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