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Sep 21, 2018
Minecraft username: DRAGINSMITH28
Staff that banned you: @sundae22
Reason for ban: Ban Evasion
Proof against the ban: I Have Some Images.

So I Just Came To Join So I Could Have A Look Around And I Was Banned For Nothing! (Ignore The Text Say Failed To Enter Equestria I'm Using The Resource Pack Love & Tolerance 2.0) I Have Never Installed Any Hacks As You Can See In This Pic Bellow \/
more stuff.PNG
So The Mine Little Pony (Liteloader 1.12.2) Below Add New Is What I Used To Join The Server And Here Is What Is In The Mods Folder (Mine Little Pony) \/

As You Can See There Are Only 3 Mods They Are: Extended Hotbar, Mine Little Pony And Village Maker (I Don't Use It)
Is There A Mod In This Folder That Is Not Allowed Or @sundae22 Might Of Mistaken Me As Someone Else Who Was A Hacker.
If You Need More Screenshots I'm Glad To Add More.
Not open for further replies.