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Jun 20, 2017
Minecraft Username: m1s

Staff that banned you: @console

Reason for ban: Duping

Proof against the ban: So just a second ago I got banned for duping for what I assume to be scrolls which I feel was done out of nowhere. Some of my friends and I were grinding for the last couple of weeks almost nonstop just breaking nether quarts in the nether and we also have a farm set up in the nether with many blaze spawners which have provided us with huge amounts of XP. We also did /vote every day to get an even more surplus about levels. Then after only collecting 30 levels (which didn't take long) we did /scroll and collected the scrolls until we got a stable supply of them. Then we sold them on the auction when we thought the time was right. I was just unbanned after 8 grueling months, so why would I still be cheating. I thought this unban would give me a fresh start again, so I took advantage of that by spending most of my time getting scrolls to get my money back. I promise that I wouldn't do anything like this like I said, I'm a changed person and I have not, nor will not ever do duping in my entire life.
Feb 8, 2016
Also, if I remember correctly there is another player, keoko, selling 6-8 tier 4 scrolls on the auction. Why are they not being punished also?

PS I really want to see that evidence you have against us, other than the count of how many times we did /scroll this month.
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