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Oct 12, 2017
The Netherlands
Minecraft username: Sebastiaaann
Staff that banned you: Leanne
Reason for ban: Abusing creative transfer

Proof against the ban: I’ve got no proof at all. It’s just that I’m sorry.

I’ve never felt this bad in a long time. I miss McCities so bad, it’s insane. Ofc I learnt from what I did. I took some time for myself to think about what I did. I had to tell staff earlier that something wasn’t right with my transfer. I won’t lie and say I didn’t know anything about it when it got transferred, because it won’t help. It’s just sorry.

I’ve been thinking about cities the whole time since I got banned. I miss being online all day, and talking to my friends on disc. I was wrong. I realize that. And I’m truly sorry for that. Idk who’s doing my ban appeal, but I literally would do anything to prove myself again. To show that I’ve learnt from this. Yes, it happened before but if you know the real story, you know it’s different. And I wasn’t aware of what was happening. I didn’t do anything with the duped items.

I won’t make this ban appeal as long as the previous ones, because there’s nothing more to tell than that I’m sorry and I’ve learnt from it. I’m also sorry to Leanne that I did this on her part of the forum/server. Even though I wasn’t aware of it.

Thank you for reading.
Kind regards, Seb
Jun 12, 2018
"And I wasn’t aware of what was happening" - You were aware you just didn't say anything, pretty sketchy.

How do you manage to dupe something two separate times? You would think that after being banned the first time you would make sure not to allow duping to occur when transferring.
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Jan 3, 2017
New England
I didn’t do anything with the duped items.
You sold the originals and kept the dupes, that's the same thing.
A second chance was extremely generous. Taking advantage of a house transfer is a serious matter, and doing it yet again after the first ban shows that you aren't willing to change. Appeal denied.
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