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Oct 10, 2017
Minecraft username: Neilio_Xtreme
Staff that banned you: @nibble
Reason for ban: android limit not followed
Proof against the ban: No proof against it, I was guilty of having more than 7 androids operating at once. I was foolish and it won't happen again. I'm sorry.
I just want to get back to playing with my friends and doing business so that those whose incomes I provide/supplement don't take a hit any longer.

I started a conversation with nibble and @sundae22 thus far, but surely @LeanneTheUnicorn can evaluate the situation herself. Nibble has surely been busy, as there hasn't been any response in almost a week. I have been banned for over 6 days now however and I feel that amount of time should be seen as sufficient, though the rules do not directly specify. The rule broken is pretty straightforward but I'm willing to discuss any details before this gets closed, in order to prevent a need for another appeal in a week and essentially doubling the ban time.
Not open for further replies.