IMPORTANT Bank Robbery

Hello all, the much anticipated bank robbery is now ready to go live. However this plugin is different from last time so i will give you guys a quick rundown on how the plugin works
This robbery now has organised crews
To create a crew type: /robbery crew which will bring you this screen
Here you can then click to invite a player this will then bring you a prompt where you need to type a players name.
Repeat the same process if you wish to delete a crew or invite someone else.

Now to begin the robbery you will need to find the NPC who can start the heist. But i obviously wont tell you which npc it is:Evil:

Once you find the NPC Shift-RighClick and this screen will appear

You will then get an in game prompt about how much time you have to steal the money.
The rest is up to you.

When it will go live and public is still up for debate as some testing needs to be done. But everything is in game and ready

Good luck to you all!