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May 27, 2018
Minecraft username: SoulWaffle
Staff that banned you: @Console
Reason for ban: AFK Machine
Proof against the ban: This is all a large mis understanding, I was bored on the server so I wanted to see if I could make an afk machine but super fancy. I ended up doing it, but first, at no point of using it was I afk, and it was just to see what I could do with extra redstone. I spent a long time on it, as it was just a fun project. If I wanted to AFK, wouldn't I make something that didn't take me a long time to work out with the redstone ticks and stuff like an AFK pool? As well as that, my machines were broken as staff needed to fix them still, so I didn't have an intent to afk. If I wanted to be an evil afker, I could have my machine running, and just add more overflow and stuff with trashcans and blah blah blah to make it work when I was AFK. I understand that I did a bad thing, it was a bad idea especially looking back. Normally I would just wait for this ban to be over, but I really wanted to celebrate my first halloween on the server and fight the boss and win... This prevents me from getting the halloween things and provides an eco wipe. All of my money for nye? I personally ordered from MasonMizGaming 240k of SF stuff, so that would harm him as well which isn't fair to him. I understand if you keep me banned, but could the eco wipe be removed as to not harm other players? Or pay him 240k from console to replace the 240k I was going to pay?
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