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Dec 28, 2017
Minecraft username: caramelpopcorn
Staff that banned you: @MehLife
Reason for ban: Ban Evasion

Proof against the ban:

Hello! So, I haven't been on this server in a while because of all the work I have in real life that keeps piling up and I have 3 more weeks and I'm done and life will be good again. So today, I finished early and decided to get on and play again because this server is my absolute favorite of all time. I keep getting banned for ban evasion, and I am very confused as to why, but I assure you all that it is really me. I just log on and then a couple minutes later, I will get banned...of course it is temporary, but I just get really excited to play again, and then this happens. It normally happens when I haven't been on for a while, but I am just all around confused.

I hope this situation gets worked out soon.
Have a wonderful rest of your day/night!

God bless
-Autumn (caramelpopcorn):)
Not open for further replies.